ALL IN Club Summer 2015 Schedule

The ALL IN club has officially begun.

The Hamilton chapter meets at McMaster University (1280 Main Street West, Hamilton).

We meet on Wednesdays twice a month.  We meet from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

We’re located in KTH #712.  This is FREE TO JOIN.

Summer 2015 meeting dates:

Wed. May 6, 2015

Wed. May 20, 2015

Wed. June 3, 2015

Wed. June 17, 2015

Wed. July 8, 2015

Wed. July 22, 2015

Wed. August 12, 2015

Wed. August 26, 2015


One thought on “ALL IN Club Summer 2015 Schedule

  1. Melanie Pohl

    The first meeting was crazy good! –better than counselling. It targets all of my problem areas and I’m sure it does the same for the other girls. This is what we need! Daily and weekly goals that we can be held accountable for, debates to help us step out of ourselves, and someone who embodies “All In” thoroughly to lead by example. It’s more than just a therapeutic session talking to others, we are active participants in a workshop to change our mindset. Start with the mind and everything else tumbles in toe like a domino set. It’s perfectly designed and I am extremely happy with it! You had my undivided attention for a whole 2.5 hours–that’s awesome! Looking forward to many more blog entries AND YOUR SECOND BOOK!!


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