Create opportunities, stop waiting for them.

Do you wait for opportunities?

Do you wait for great things to happen to you? OR do you create opportunities for yourself wherever you are?

I used to wait for opportunities. I used to think my hard work and discipline would get me noticed somehow. I used to think that just because I had the highest teaching scores or students loved me or spoke highly of me, that I would get noticed by someone, somehow.

Then I woke UP!

I realized I needed to create opportunities everyday, with everyone I met. That’s partly why I started this website/blog/ALL IN club.  I was tired of waiting for great things to happen to me, and started creating momentum for myself so that I produced the conditions that CREATED GREAT THINGS.

I started taking responsibility for my lack of success and recognized that I hadn’t worked hard enough. I had underestimated the HUGE amount of effort and dedication it would take to achieve my potential.

Ever hear people say “oh, the economy sucks, there’s no jobs, no one is hiring,” or “I’ve applied for 10, 20, 30 jobs and no one has called me back”?

The problem isn’t the economy. The problem is you. I know it sounds harsh. But when you evaluate everything you’ve done so far, and compare it to everything you could have or should have done, you’ll see there’s a huge gap.

What should you do?  DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING AND DO IT NOW. Stop waiting around. Don’t over think it, just do it. 

I was tired of not getting noticed, so I finally stopped complaining and did something to change my circumstances. In the matter of one day, I created a website, got a new email address (, created a twitter account, started an ALL IN social club and posted my first blog!  I stopped thinking about it and just jumped in.

Now it’s your turn.


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