What are you feeding your mind?

What are you reading? What are you listening to? Who are you spending time with?

All of these are influences on your mindset, your thoughts, your attitudes and your energy levels.

You must be conscious and deliberate about what you’re feeding your mind.

For instance, I used to spend way too much time reading the news. I absorbed all the trauma and depressing stories and felt my energy wane. I used to read this stuff before going to bed and have dreams I was fighting in a war or being attacked somehow. Now I’m more aware of what I’m feeding my mind.

The only time I watch anything on-line is for one of two reasons:

  1.  As a comedic relief to wind down for a short period of time (I’m emphasizing short 5 minute stand up comedy routines); I love, love love Amy Schumer by the way…or Mindy Kaling…or Tig Notaro, Chelsea Peretti, Wanda Sykes.
  2. To be motivated and empowered.  So, I watch sales training videos or listen to powerful speakers, or TED talks, etc). I use this as an opportunity to learn something new, to educate myself.

Are you learning anything new from House of Cards? Probably not.

On any given day you have the opportunity to lean into your full potential and create success or you can waste your time. It’s your choice, and you make these choices every day, every hour.

What are you listening to on the car ride home from work or school? What’s playing on your iPhone when you’re riding public transit? Music? Movies?  Or material to keep you motivated and on-track to achieve success.

Everything counts, all the time. Keep feeding your mind material that inspires you, encourages you, (makes you laugh!) and informs you.


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