Are you one of those people who say TGIF? Do you look forward to the weekend so you can forget about work?

People ask me all the time ‘what did you do this weekend?’ and my answer is always the same. I worked, because I love what I do.

If you’re talking about hump day or TGIF or watching YouTube videos at work, then you’re not in the right job.

My job doesn’t feel like work, because I have a passion for what I do. Monday, Thursday, Saturday, I can’t distinguish between these days, because every day is work day.

Everyday I’m out there hustling to get noticed, to learn new skills, to write a blog, make a video, do a podcast, and send something out there of value and substance.

If you have enough time to daydream about the weekend, wow, then you’re not really living your life. You’re just hanging out in some mediocre existence doing average things, leading an average life which will only ever get you very average results.

According to a survey, 64% of employees surf the net….on non-work related stuff. The most popular time wasters at work are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. The #1 reason you’re looking at these sites is because you’re BORED and you’re not challenged in your job.

Hoping your life was different isn’t going to pay the bills. Living your life vicariously through beautifully staged and photoshopped images on Pinterest will not get you those things.

You want a different life?  Then start doing things differently. And then keep doing them, day after day after day.

Spend more time actively pursuing your goals with such an obsession that people will call you crazy, as they’re sitting at the bar on hump day complaining about work….and you’re out there succeeding EVERY WHERE you go.


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