Fear is holding you back.

Fear is holding you back.

Fear will destroy your life. Fear will prevent you from achieving your full potential and force you into a life of doing or being ordinary, average and mediocre.  Fear will force you to always be that person who silently wishes for a better life but never acts upon it. Years from now you’ll look back on your life and wish it was different, you’ll wish you had done more. But you allowed fear to control your decisions.

I see it every day in the classroom. My female students are petrified of speaking up and they let fear dictate the course of their lives.

That’s one of the inspirations for creating this website and social club; I want to get women to push through their fears.

For every female student that keeps their hands down in class, doesn’t speak up, ask questions, or engages with the material or environment they’re in, you can bet there are dozens of others (usually men) who are rushing full force to take advantage of every opportunity to have their voice heard (even when they have nothing to say!).

I don’t want a world where the majority of decisions on the economy, politics, education, environment, etc. are made by men. Women have a voice too and we need to encourage and develop the skill–set to go ALL IN with every opportunity. This is a skill that only develops with practice. You can’t become an extrovert without practicing. You can’t get better at public speaking without talking in front of people.

Get rid of those antiquated ideas that women aren’t supposed to be opinionated, outspoken or aggressive. If I’m not aggressive with my career and getting the things I want in life, who will be aggressive for me? Who will fight for me?  No one will. That’s the truth.

As women we have to stop internalizing these silly notions that we’re not good enough, worthy enough, or smart enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Now get out there and practice, and when you fail take it as an opportunity to get better!


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