Life begins at 5:00am.

Ever wake up at 8am, 9am, or (shockingly) even later than that? Well, you’re wasting your life. Seriously.

Nothing good happens with your day if you’re starting it past 5am.

Everyday I aim to get up at 5am (I fail and sleep in at times, or I pretend I never wanted to get up at 5am in the 1st place), BUT the goal is 5am and I’m getting there. As soon as I get up, I go for a run and depending on my ankles/knees/injury state, I’ll run 8-12km. Then I’ll quickly walk Cooper my Great Dane, shower and make a vegan shake, get my daughter up and play with her, feed her breakfast, take her to daycare. Then I’m back in my office having written all my rough drafts for my posts and it’s only 9am.

So by 9am I’ve already done a LOT. Importantly, I’ve taken time for myself by running which allows me some quiet time to think about my day, develop some ideas or just zone out and run. Either way I’m recharging myself and my energies.

Waking up at 5am means I’m ahead of the day, right from the start. It’s about being proactive, not reacting to the day’s events because I fell behind. Early risers feel more productive, energetic and accomplished. It’s the only way to maximize your efficiency and keep the momentum going. Feeling proactive is intimately tied to our level of coherence (feeling in control) and the more in control you are the more confidence you have, the more you empower yourself. 

  • Be clear about why you want to get up at 5am (hint: it’s linked to your personal vision and life goals)
  • Go to bed earlier. You can’t stay up till midnight and wake up at 5am.
  • Avoid stimulants after a certain hour. (no caffeine after 3pm for me).

Start your day early, work hard all day long. Go to bed at a reasonable time.


5 thoughts on “Life begins at 5:00am.

  1. Demosthenes

    I love it when successful people discuss their daily schedule because it allows others to understand how it is they’re maximizing their time and energy, as well as how they manage to complete ‘x’ number of tasks and responsibilities in a day. Have you ever heard of “a day in my life” youtube videos? –well, it follows the theme of this post and it’s usually where popular youtubers get the most likes, views, and requests for. I would love to see more of these from you!


  2. Aleksandra Coric

    I absolutely love this post, and I was amazed when we discussed this during our last meeting. My question is: did you just start waking up at 5am or you gradually went from 9am to 5am? I do try to commit myself to waking up at 5, but it doesn’t always work (I feel like punching myself when the alarm goes off, really!). Although yes, whenever I think about my ultimate goals, I gain some extra energy that pushes me to go back to work.


    • ALLINwithprofmaja

      Hi Alex, thanks for your comment. I can’t remember the last time I got up at 9am. I used to get up at 7am, then once I had my daughter that got pushed to 6am, and now I find that 5am is the most effective and efficient time to get up. Yes, I also feel like punching the clock. Best to get up immediately though, don’t linger in bed! The longer you linger or hit snooze, the more likely it is that you’ll continue to sleep in later. It hurts just for a little bit…..but by 6am you feel like a superstar!

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  3. Rebecca Finlay

    I agree with getting things done in the morning is so rewarding. Science actually shows that you are most energetic (highest testosterone levels) 3 hours after you wake up. So trying to workout in the morning usually works best for most people. That being said, I have a good friend who is a well respected local chiropractor and super-fit mama and she is a “night owl”. She does not function well in the mornings and therefore does all of her workouts in the evening after putting the kids to bed. She does spinning at 8 pm and master swims at 9 pm. She usually stays up until 12-1 am to get all of her emailing, paperwork done. And she is very successful!
    I guess what I am trying to say is……Whenever you feel you have the best energy, capitalize on that time!!!


    • ALLINwithprofmaja

      Great comment, thanks Rebecca!
      Agreed…..I just wanted to get across the message that people must maximize their days….your day doesn’t have to end at 5pm, or begin at 9am……work, workout, live your passion, all day long!


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