Stop talking about PMS – no one cares.

I’ve noticed a trend over the years of women of all ages and areas of life discussing PMS. And no one seems to be telling these women the truth. So here it is: shut up with the PMS talk. No one cares, no one wants to hear it, and unless you’re literally birthing a baby in front of someone no one cares about your “cramps.” 

This is one of my pet peeves and definitely a career mistake so many women make. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m more inclined to listen to your sad story of PMS. Guess what? We all get PMS and we all go to work and contribute to society without: (1) coming in late or handing in something late; and (2) calling in sick.

Nothing shows you’re not ready for leadership like complaining about your PMS, or even worse not completing a task because of your PMS.

Sharing too much information can come back and haunt you the next time you’re up for a promotion; negotiating a salary; or asking for more responsibility at work. If you’re too stressed to handle your own personal circumstances how will you handle a job promotion? 

I’m not saying to never reveal personal information about yourself, we’re not robots, but you must be selective in what you chose to reveal to your colleagues.  You have to know what type of information to share. I’m not going to hide the fact that I’m a mother or never discuss my daughter, but I’ll never use my daughter as an excuse for not getting my work done.


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