Empty the tank

Creating a different life will require more energy, work, effort and persistence that you’ve ever done and ever thought possible. You shouldn’t go gently into bed, you should be dropping into bed utterly and completely exhausted because you’ve emptied the tank and there’s absolutely nothing left to give.

That’s what every night should feel like, complete and utter exhaustion, but also exhilaration because you know you’re closer to fulfilling your potential today than you were yesterday.

Taking your career or education to the next level is like taking your body/fitness to the next level. When I go for a run I have two choices: (1) go hard – run fast go uphill; OR (2) take it easy. It’s the runs that make me want to vomit at the end that I know I’ve emptied the tank. Those are the training runs that allow me to run faster in my next race. Those easy runs? Those are just for recovery days….they let my body rest, but they won’t get me 1st place.

It’s like crossing the finish line for the ½ marathon race; if you feel good at the end of a ½ marathon then you did not empty the tank. You shouldn’t even be able to stand; you should feel nauseous, dizzy and sick to your stomach because you gave it everything you got.

That’s how you’ve got to structure your days, –so that every day you’re completely physically, mentally and emotionally depleted.

Remember that student-lifestyle-mindset I mentioned earlier? Yeah, I fell victim to it too, throughout my undergraduate and graduate career. I did not empty the tank each and every day. And had I done that I would have accomplished more, and gotten closer to reaching my potential.

Learn to love the feeling of emptying the tank, just like you’ll grow to love getting up at 5:00am (OK, the 5:00am thing will take a while).

Go ALL IN, all the way, all the time. That’s what this entire website and social club is all about. Be truthful with yourself when you don’t go all in, when you still have something left in the tank, and then correct this for the next day.





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