Why do we fear failure?

We’re so terrified of failing that we avoid it or push it away whenever possible. We resist failure by staying away from opportunities and experiences that bring us into contact with failure.

We resist in many different ways: Tending to the short-term low-pay off goals, rather than the more difficult long-term vision for our lives. It’s dealing with your emails instead of tackling your most pressing issues. It’s re-organizing your closet or kitchen or spice rack. Dusting, vacuuming, or cooking when you should be concentrating on your vision, your game plan, and your dreams.

Resistance comes when the phone rings and you answer it (ah, a break from your work!); it comes from answering texts instead of ignoring them. It comes from watching Netflix when you should be reading 50 pages a day of something that inspires you or teaches you something new.

Resistance comes from picking fights when you should be working. It’s running errands when you should be tackling your daily to-do list. Resistance is making you procrastinate and you’re a willing partner in this process.

Resistance to do what you have to do on a consistent daily basis will prevent you from obtaining your fullest potential.

We need to recognize that the payoff or reward for going outside your comfort zone is ALWAYS bigger and better than the consequences of failing. Your reward is always better than your worst failures.

Every successful person, entrepreneur or visionary will tell you that:

  1. Your failures are NEVER as bad as you thought they would be, or as scary, or have as many dire consequences as you thought.
  2. Your failures will push you forward. They drive you to think outside the box and motivate you to realize that you can do more, you can work harder, and you can achieve WAY more than you thought or gave yourself credit for.
  3. Your failures help narrow down your weaknesses, your areas for improvement. That’s really helpful!
  4. Failing doesn’t mean you’ll fail forever, all it means is you’re not ready now. Failing = “no, not now.” OR “you need more work/practice/training”. Failing means you’ve failed now, not in the future, not forever, just for right now.


Every day you must work on fulfilling your potential. Not a few times a week, but every single day. Even if it’s just for a few hours, work on getting one step closer to your dreams. Work on your weaknesses, practice your public speaking…work on your writing skills.

Recognize when you’re subconsciously resisting and working on non-priority tasks because you’re scared of failing at something.


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