After the Interview – Part 3

Send a thank-you. Immediately after the interview, make sure you’ve written down the names of everyone that interviewed you (preferably, get their business card) and send a thank-you email within 24 hours. Don’t just say “you’d love the opportunity to work for the company,”. It sounds lame and passive, and everyone else says that. Stand out by stating WHY you’re a good fit for the company. Try to integrate something from your interview back into the email. 

Follow-up. Wait to hear back and if you don’t hear anything within a week, send another courteous email or phone call.

If you don’t get the job: Always try to find out why. Be open to feedback and ask if they have any advice/suggestions on how your interview could have been improved upon.

Don’t internalize your failures. Easier said than done, I know. Remember that research shows men externalize their failures and women internalize them. Internalization of your mistakes and failures will only keep you locked in a negative head space. Regroup, reframe and re-charge. You didn’t get the job, move on.

Put in 10 times the effort you think necessary. Most people send off a few resumes, get a handful of job interviews and think they’re done. You must be prepared to WORK harder than anyone else to get the job done, and get a job! Don’t count on getting that one particular job either. Instead, have multiple job interviews on the go so that if one doesn’t pan out, you’re not left with any way to pay your bills next month. Always have multiple options to choose from.



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