Visualize success. Visualize a win.

Wherever you are in life, you must make a commitment to win, to see yourself crossing the finish line in 1st place. You must visualize success for yourself before you’re able to achieve success.

Part of this visualization process is about forgetting what you don’t have (enough time, money, support, staff, resources, experience, etc.), –and concentrate in complete tunnel vision on your strengths. Read More

What are you reading?

Once you’re done school, the learning process doesn’t stop. The average Fortune 500 CEO reads 5-6 books a month. The typical North American adult reads 5 books a year!* Yup. That’s not a typo. CEO’s read 5 a month, and average people read 5 a year. That’s sad.

Reading is also correlated with education, so the more educated you are the more you read. Read More

What are you selling?   

Everyone is a salesperson. Whether you want to believe in it or not. I know that “teacher” or “designer” may have a better ring to it than “salesperson”, –but selling, the act of selling is a part of every single job, career or profession. And the sooner you get comfortable with selling, the sooner you can finally start achieving your dreams. Read More

The Myths of Perfectionism.

Perfectionism is not about wanting to do your best. Perfectionism isn’t about self-improvement, personal growth or progress. No, perfectionism is destructive and addictive.

Perfectionism impedes your ability to achieve success, because you’re never fully, completely and utterly invested in what you’re doing or creating when you’re a perfectionist. Perfectionism prevents you from taking a risk and going ALL IN because at the root of perfectionism is fear. Read More

Lack of female leaders….is a BIG problem

Sadly, men still run the world… business, finance, science, technology, entrepreneurial start-ups, restaurants, technology, and entertainment….you get the idea.

Only 17 out of 195 independent countries are run by women.

In the U.S. 50% of college graduates are women, BUT the very top of the leadership is still held exclusively by men.

21% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. Read More

How to stop overthinking.

Do you overthink everything in your life? Do you ruminate and play over situations that happened like a broken record? Do you worry about stuff that hasn’t even happened yet? If so, read this post!

What is overthinking? According to Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, PhD, a professor of psychology, Overthinking is when you “go over your negative thoughts and feelings, examining them questioning them, kneading them like dough.” (page 9). Read More

Victim Mind-set

A victim mind-set occurs when you look for the easy way out….you blame others….you blame your environment, your parents…anybody and anything other than yourself. Victim mentality comes when you carry unresolved resentment, anger and discontent with you.

You always, always have a choice. You can take responsibility, accept accountability and learn from your mistakes and failures, OR you can blame everyone else for your lot in life.

I know the haters are going to come out for this post….. Read More

Ballet….danced to Hozier’s “Take me to Church”

Just to break up all the motivational postings, I wanted to share this gorgeous, stunning, emotional ballet from Ukraine artist Sergei Polunin.  Take 4 minutes of your day and watch this man dance. It will inspire you.

Sergei was juuuuuust about to give up his dream of being a dancer, and forces greater than him intervened in his life and he ended up shooting a video directed by the legendary David LaChapelle.

This YouTube video has been viewed over 10.9 MILLION times. He just appeared on Ellen.

I watched it 5 times in a row (so powerful, so raw……) then I totally got motivated to do a kick-ass weight training session.

Read More