You must work at insane levels.

If you want to push through the noise that is the masses, if you want to stand out amongst your peers, you need to be working at insane levels of productivity. You must be working every single day towards your dream, your vision and your potential.

If you’re not putting in extraordinary, unbelievable, outstanding and uncommon levels of work, then you’re not working enough!

You must do what others are unwilling to do.

You must get up earlier than others.

You must go to bed later than others.

You must stretch yourself completely out of your comfort zone. You must take a risk.

You must have such a passion for what you do that every single day is work, and YOU LOVE IT.

I work every single day because I absolutely love, love, love, love, love what I do. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Who’s your mentor? I have a bunch of mentors (mostly women) and most of them I’ve never met. But I admire their careers, I admire their work ethic and I read everything I can about their rise to success, their daily schedules, and their obstacles and how they overcame them.

Whenever I get frustrated (and those days do come) I look to my mentors and get inspired by their tenacity and their determination to succeed.

It took me a while to figure this out, but nothing worth achieving in life will be achieved on a whim. Success doesn’t happen instantaneously, or haphazardly. Success occurs when you’re outworking the rest of the field.

Looking back on my graduate school days I can see how I wasn’t working at insane levels every day. There were phenomenal weeks or months where I was producing work at insane levels, but the rest of the time it was merely mediocre or average or ordinary levels of work.

If I had only worked at insane levels all the time, I would have certainly accomplished more. I would have dreamed bigger. I would have aimed higher.

That’s what extraordinary levels of work does for you….it makes you realize just how much you can accomplish, and that there is no limit to your success.

Work at insane levels and you’ll start to see success “happen for you”. People will comment that “things always go your way” or “you’re so lucky” or “you’re an overnight success.’’ There’s no truth to any of that.

The truth is, the harder you work, the smarter you work, and the more you will find success. The more opportunities will open up for you, & the easier things will become for you.

Try it and I guarantee it’ll work.

Try to work at extraordinary levels for 30 days straight and see how much further you’ve gone, how much closer you’ve grown to your dreams and your ultimate vision for your life.



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