You only need 1 supporter….for now.

Sometimes when you’re trying something new, or you’re going against the “norm,” people really resist, they give you a hard time, they don’t support you or worse they openly discourage you.

But, for now, all you need is ONE supporter.   Don’t get hung up on not having all your friends, family, co-workers, colleagues and FB acquaintances support your dreams.

No one is going to ever be as passionate about your dreams as you are. That’s the truth. And that’s OK.

As long as you have ONE supporter that you can talk to, email, complain to, voice your concerns to and discuss how you can fulfill your potential, then you’ll be fine!  I promise.

Stop waiting for everyone else to come around and support your dreams. Just start working on your dreams and the haters, the complainers and the doubters will eventually come around.

Whatever you do in life people will complain or disagree with you. For example, in every student evaluations that I receive for a course, I’ll have the most glowing compliments for how much direction I give for assignments, and I’ll simultaneously have students complain that I waste time going over the assignment. You can’t win them all.

You must believe in yourself and visualize yourself succeeding in life. Visualize that ultimate dream for yourself becoming a reality.

Lean on your ONE supporter for help, guidance and camaraderie.

Then WORK YOUR BUTT OFF in order to achieve greatness.

Accept whatever your situation is right now. Accept that maybe your friends don’t think you’ll ever get to graduate school, or that your family wants you to be a doctor (but you hate medicine! and are too scared to tell them). Accept that you’re not quite there yet…..and then DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS.

Accept the present for what it is. Work towards your future…..because it’s bright.


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