Beware of Mediocrity – Don’t be Average.

Average 2

Being average or mediocre just doesn’t get you noticed. Being average means you’re typical, common or ordinary. Who wants to be that? Being average is “nothing special” at all.

Definition of mediocre: “not satisfactory, poor, inferior;  barely adequate; neither good nor bad; undistinguished, pedestrian, everyday, run-of-the-mill, meagre, low-quality, second-rate.” 

Can you imagine someone saying in a job interview:

  • “I can give you average effort”
  • “I would describe my potential as mediocre”
  • “I can definitely contribute to this company in an ordinary or undistinguished manner.”

WHAT?? Yeah, sounds ridiculous. You wouldn’t get the job. Who wants to hire average? Who wants to be associated with the common, ordinary or second-rate quality?  NO one does.

If you want to get noticed, get promoted, sell your product or your idea, then you have to be extraordinary, you must be better-than-the-rest. You must kill the competition with your brilliance. Stop thinking about doing just enough, and start working on being phenomenal, outstanding, unprecedented and incredible. That’s what will get you noticed.

In everything that you do, every step you take, every project you handle… this:

  1. Over deliver on everything.
  2. Always say yes to every opportunity (even if you don’t feel like it or it’s a lot of work, or you don’t get paid for it).
  3. Always be great! Be exceptional, do exceptional work. Be known for how exceptional your work ethic and results are.
  4. Master your craft. Whatever you’re doing, you better be the best at it.
  5. Most people live in average….don’t be like most people. Be extraordinary. Live there. Breathe there. Exist only there.



9 thoughts on “Beware of Mediocrity – Don’t be Average.

  1. Professor Maja,
    Where I work, if I did this- I would be ostracised. Because most others are slackers. And they make the work atmosphere difficult for the hard working people.


    • ALLINwithprofmaja

      Hello Susieshy45,
      Thanks for your comment. When you begin doing something different than the rest, expect push-back, expect negative feedback, or passive-aggressive comments, expect people not to like it. But that’s ok, only compare yourself to your potential (are you working to your fullest potential, EVERY single day?)…don’t ever compare yourself to average. Once you push through the noise (i.e. the average-ness), people will start complimenting your dedication, asking you how you do it, asking for feedback. Turn your haters into believers. Read my blog on “Welcome the haters”
      Prof. Maja


      • Professor Maja,
        I have been doing it for about 7 years in my previous work place; all that happened was I got bullied and intimidated, I continued with dedication.
        Finally one day I left because I felt they would be happier without me and they were – believe me !


  2. When I change the word from Mediocrity to Middle I don’t feel as bad. I’m such an average Joe! I’ve always played neatly in the middle especially at work. I find comfort there not being too lazy or too over the top gung ho. For me, it feels more like being centered than failing to be all I can be. That might be an inner excuse not to excel, but I must admit that centering on average feels right to me.

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  3. We cannot all be magicians (geniuses or talented) and as Picasso said even if you are one you can’t be a magician every day. I’m definitely not mediocre or average in some fields but trying to be exceptional has its price and there have been many times that I have wished that I was mediocre or even ordinary to have a more peaceful and contented life. One of the problems of being gifted or outstanding or something like it is that one can become a perfectionist and never be satisfied with himself/herself or being unhappy especially because we live in a world that often rewards the untalented and ignores the talented. The world of it doesn’t matter what you know or can do but what you are I mean. Anyway the breakpoint for me came when I read an article about aging people in which a very intelligent lady said that one of great things about getting older is that one has reduced ambitions. When I read it I understood immediately what she meant I reduced my ambitions and my life was much better for it. Ambitions and the desire to be outstanding can be useful of course but also be counterproductive and destructive if not controlled.

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  4. Demosthenes

    uhhhhhhh… wow…. That has got to be my absolute most favourite thing I have ever read…ever:
    “…don’t be like most people. Be extraordinary. Live there. Breathe there. Exist only there.” –like, where did that come from, Maja? That was poetry. I need to plaque this.


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