Self Promotion Basics – Part 1

Promote yourself

Women are embarrassed by self-promotion, while men do this instinctively or intuitively. You must be your own advocate, you must sell yourself, your talents, brand and experience, because NO ONE else will do this for you.

Women wait to be noticed because they assume everyone is playing by the same rules, while men demand attention by bending the rules to their advantage.

For some odd reason, women have completely internalized the belief that if we do good work, someone, somewhere will notice us!? This is crazy.

You can bet that you will NOT get what you did NOT ask for.

Linda Babcock co-wrote a book called “Women don’t ask” and she made the point that “women ask for raises and promotions 85% less often than men, and women ask for 30% less than their male counterparts when asking for a raise.”

WHY does this happen?

Because women don’t recognize opportunities. They wait for opportunities. Men create opportunities wherever they go.

Opportunities are everywhere, except they’re clouded as hurdles, barriers, obstacles, problems and complaints.

We think our situation or the rules are fixed and rigid when in reality everything is fluid, everything is changeable, even the rules.

We’re taught to just “be grateful”, “oh, you’re so lucky”…or “just be happy with what you have.”  When we ask for more, others tell us “don’t be greedy, they could rescind the offer….”

Ladies, listen to me!

  1. Promote yourself
  2. Recognize that opportunities are everywhere.
  3. Learn from successful people, and stop listening to those who haven’t achieved success. Stop listening to people who are fearful of taking a risk and constantly doubt themselves.

Successful people promote, others wait around for a promotion.



2 thoughts on “Self Promotion Basics – Part 1

    • ALLINwithprofmaja

      Thanks for commenting Live Empowered. It’s a sad truth that women shy away from self-promotion and it only hurts us in the end. Our career, our finances, our experiences and opportunities all suffer because of this.
      Prof. Maja


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