Learn to self-promote! – Part 2

Self-promotion 2

Self-promotion shouldn’t be a dirty little word. It shouldn’t make you cringe or develop uncontrollable anxiety.

Self-promotion is the key to success, because if people don’t know what you do, what services you provide, what skills you have or what products you sell, then you’re NOWHERE.

Get out of obscurity.  Get into the limelight.

If you’re not visible, your business, brand or idea will tank, it’ll just never prosper.

If you’re not promoting yourself, and your ideas, then you’re promoting someone else’s vision.


  • Keep an updated catalog of your achievements in your wallet. Just like you should be updating your CV/resume on a regular basis, you need to keep a list of your talents, accomplishments, experiences and skills in your pocket at all times. Refer to this list daily. Memorize it, internalize it & believe in it.
  • Practice!  Don’t assume you can ad lib on the spot and sound articulate and thoughtful. You can’t. Most people don’t. Ever listen to a wedding speech, 99% are embarrassing and disrespectful to the art of public speaking. Practice your pitch at home. Record yourself, analyze yourself, ask for feedback and then revise and practice again.

Instead of viewing self-promotion as boastful and pushy, start seeing it as a way for you to develop some swagger! Self-promotion is self-pride.

I’m so tired of these blogs and articles telling people to stop self-promotion……women have kept their opinions to themselves long enough. We’ve kept out heads down and been quiet, we didn’t interrupt for fear of being rude, we sat on the sidelines and cheered on others, and we silenced ourselves out of fear and kept our skills and talents to ourselves. Where did this get us??

Nowhere. That’s why we have so few female leaders, CEO’s, CFO’s, & heads of state.

Stop this nonsense.

Self-promote and don’t look back.

(Part 3 coming up tomorrow).


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