Avoid Using These Awful Words, EVER.


Please do NOT use these words during any type of public speaking.

If someone is being really difficult, never use the word Nazi.  Such as, “oh, my boss is such a Nazi, he never lets us leave work early.”  Really?  Really?  The Nazi’s killed millions of people, and your boss wants to make sure you’re at work actually working for the time you’re being paid for. There’s a difference. My students use this word to describe professors who have too high expectations or require a lot of readings in their course. Honestly, it makes you sound like you need to stay in school a bit longer. 

Don’t use tsunami ever. As in, “We had a total tsunami of orders come in and haven’t been able to handle the flow.”   Again, a tsunami is a natural disaster that kills people and emotionally scars the ones who survive. Handling a big order is not on par with surviving a tsunami.

Don’t use avalanche to describe being overwhelmed with work. “We’re having an avalanche of customer calls…”  OK, maybe it’s just the Canadian in me, but every year in British Columbia people die from avalanches. Our former Prime Minister lost  his son Michel in an avalanche in BC. Nothing equates with experiencing or surviving an avalanche. Nothing.

Don’t use bitch to describe another woman, especially one who has an opinion and isn’t afraid of voicing her ideas. This is beyond crass and unprofessional, but also shows how fearful you are of confident, assertive women.

Don’t use the word retard to explain how something or someone is confusing or lacking.  “Did you see how many mistakes she made today; she’s being a total retard.”  It’s offensive and objectionable and there are so many better word choices out there. Read a thesaurus.

Don’t say “she’s having a blond moment” to describe someone who makes a mistake, says something incorrectly or doesn’t know something obvious.  Ugh. It’s. The. Worst. BUT, even worse than using this phrase on someone else, is actually using it on yourself. It’s disparaging, it’s condescending, it’s idiotic. You made a mistake, you didn’t start a Ponzi scheme. Don’t disparage yourself or others with this phrase.  We’re better than that as women.


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