Example of a Poor Opening Statement – Alicia Silverstone

Here is an example of a poor opening statement.  I’m not hating on this speaker….I just want to show you an example of some of the things I’ve been speaking about regarding weak opening statements.

This is the actress Alicia Silverstone speaking about her book “The Kind Diet” (which I own, by the way).

Start watching at the 0.40 second mark until 1:28.

You’ll notice she does many opening statement mistakes.

  • She looks a little frazzled 
  • She starts by “thanking” everyone.
  • She tells everyone how “honored” she is to be here.
  • She mentions she’s “excited
  • She plays with her hair.
  • She walks away to get a drink of water.
  • She starts speaking, then stops and back tracks, then begins again…….

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