Women Pay More for the Same Products Men Buy

pink tax

I’m sure you already had an inkling about this, but women pay more for the same products men purchase!  Ugh. This is known as the “woman tax” (gender-based pricing) or even annoyingly referred to as “pink tax” (because every woman loves the colour pink, right?).

Back in 1995 a California study showed that women paid $1350 MORE per year for the exact same products men bought. Sadly, these prices differences in products still exist.  Read More

Damn Princess

So, this is a picture of my daughter’s playroom.  You’ll notice that the kitchen takes prominence……

 and then I bought her this.

Seriously. I complain about the absurdity of wasting your time cleaning and then I buy my 3-year-old a cute little cleaning kit. And so she sweeps the floors, wanting to “clean like Mama”……

What am I doing? Read More

Books I Love – the WAR of ART

war of art 7

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles is written by Seven Pressfield. Written in 2002, I just discovered this book this year.

IF you’re a procrastinator, this book is for you. IF you’re a creative person stuck in the body of a procrastinator, read this book.

IF you’re constantly giving excuses about why you haven’t worked hard enough or achieved success, this book is for you.

war of art 5 Read More

Always #LikeAGirl – Unstoppable – YouTube

Are girls limited by what society tells them they can or can not do?  Yes they are.

This video by Always has been viewed over 38 million times and is about smashing limitations and encouraging confidence among young women.

This confidence stuff isn’t just for adults, or even tweens…..it starts so much younger.

Always #LikeAGirl – Unstoppable – YouTube.

Knowing your value and a little self-love

self love

You can build your confidence. You can develop your assertiveness. You can expand out of your comfort zone by taking risks. You can be courageous.

You can improve your public speaking skills. You can strengthen the tone of your voice. You can generate charisma and stage presence.

You can stop apologizing. Read More

Control the conversation


As women we need to take the lead during conversations, because more often than not, someone is interrupting us, ignoring our input or worse, taking our ideas. Damn, can I have my microphone back?

Take the lead. When you get interrupted, don’t back down. When you get heckled or sneered at, keep going, don’t get frazzled (think like a comedienne. What would Amy Schumer do if heckled? She sure as hell wouldn’t freeze up and run off the stage). Read More

Books I LOVE – “I can’t believe it’s not better” – By Monica Heisey

Can't believe it's not better

OK, I have to stop reading other people’s books and finish my own! BUT, I needed some comedic relief and picked up “I can’t believe it’s not better: a woman’s guide to coping with life”, by writer and comedian Monica Heisey. Originally a Torontonian, she’s now a New Yorker…so both sides of the border love her.

Holy. Crap. I laughed so hard during her chapter entitled “The Yogurt Women,”  that I just had to post this. Like, I was crying, literally crying from laughing so hard. This was way beyond LOL stuff. Read More

Say “YES” to everything.

Saying yes

If you’re just starting out your career, changing careers or starting your own business you need to say “YES” to every single opportunity and experience. Say “YES” immediately and figure it out later.

You need to look at every encounter or experience as an opportunity to sell, self-promote and get noticed.

Saying “YES” to opportunities is different from being a people-pleaser, a doormat or victim. I’m not saying to get used by others or to constantly do your work for free. No. This is different. Read More

What are your goals?

goals 3

Forget about setting realistic or reasonable goals. Save that for those that want mediocrity. What you need is completely insane goals to push you right out of your comfort zone.

If you’re going to push past procrastination or resistance, you’ll need some extraordinary payoff to get you there. If you’re going to maintain the energy, stamina and determination to get to the top, the rewards better be phenomenal. So, reach UP. Demand more of yourself.   Read More

Stop dreaming…..start working


Were you born to be an actor? A writer? A lawyer? Professor, artist, dancer or architect?

Who knows? But the only way to find out is through action.

What action are you taking right now, today to discover your potential?

Creative people create. Athletes train. Writers write.

They all take action because they know no other way of being. Read More

What do you need to GIVE UP in order to achieve success?


Right now, figure out what you need to give up in order to take your career to the next level.

What can you do, what can you change? What modifications can you make in your schedule in order to allow you to maximize your time?

For me, it’s giving up a 6:00am start to the day.  Bye-bye 6:00am…..you were so good to me. Now it’s 5:00am. And losing that one hour is kinda’ brutal some times. But, it allows me to go for a run, shower and change by the time my daughter gets up at 6:30am. Read More

Why you need to SELL yourself and Self-Promote.

Selling 2

Selling is the art of persuasion, you’re inducing someone to buy something from you. To buy into your ideas, your product, your service, your brand and you. What’s wrong with that?  NOTHING. BUT damn, most women HATE selling. Just the idea of “selling” makes them feel uncomfortable.

Everywhere you go, you’re selling. And if you think you’re not selling, then someone is selling to you. (You’re being sold! and you don’t even realize it). Read More

Women I love – Rhonda Rousey

Rhonda 1

So, I hate boxing, but I love Rhonda Rousey. Weird, right?  You can’t help but love Rhonda. She’s an mixed martial artist and judoka. She is UFC’s current Bantamweight champion. She has dominated every opponent in the ring. She was WON every single fight in the 1st round by an arm-bar move. Oh yeah, she also has an Olympic medal in judo (Summer 2008).

She started a female empowerment campaign called don’t be a “DO-NOTHING-BITCH.” 

And, she called out Floyd Mayweather for his wife-beating habits.  Not many men in sports broadcasting want to call Floyd Mayweather the abuser that he is…..and she did. Watch this 28 second video: Read More

TIPS to STOP being a People Pleaser.

people pleaser 2

You can stop putting other people’s needs ahead of your own. You can say “no” to people and not lose their friendship. You can say no to your boss and not get fired. You can say “no” to your children or partner and not let guilt envelope you.

Follow these TIPS to stop being a people-pleaser and get your life back. Put yourself and your career FIRST.

Remember, if you’re constantly putting others ahead of you…..you’ll NEVER, EVER get ahead yourself. You’ll NEVER, EVER fulfil your potential. You’ll be last. You’ll be emptied out of your creativity and your energy. You will have regrets and resentment.    Read More