How to ask for feedback on your public speaking.

feedback 2

Don’t just ask “how did I do?” because guess what? No one will ever tell you the truth. They’ll say, “oh, you were SO good”, when really you sucked. So, get some real, hard-core honest truth when you solicit constructive feedback.

Ask others whose opinion you respect:

  • What 2 or 3 things can I specifically work on to improve?
  • How could I have improved my pitch? My introduction? My closing statements?
  • How can I generate more enthusiasm from the audience?
  • How would you rate my use of visuals?
  • How can I improve upon my body language, tone of voice, or mannerisms?
  • On a scale of 1-5 how interesting or engaging was my talk?
  • What was the worst part of my talk?
  • What was the best part of my presentation?
  • What did you learn from my speech today?

Begin from a curious mindset, the mindset of someone who is constantly on the search for improvement. You don’t know it all; there is always something you can improve upon.

I consider myself a great public speaker, but I’m always learning every single day, improving and studying others (speakers, comediennes, TED Talkers) so that I can become a phenomenal public speaker.

You know what’s so weird is that how I lecture in my classroom or social clubs is not how my YouTube videos are….there’s something about that camera that still freaks me out……so I need to work on my video talks more. Work, practice, ask for feedback, tweak and refine, go back and talk again.

I asked a great student of mine about my YouTube videos and she was like “yeah….they’re not great. BUT here’s what you need to do to improve upon them…”  SO, SO, helpful to get real, honest constructive feedback like that. Can you imagine if everyone was telling me how awesome they were when they really sucked? I’d never improve.

Take good…..make it great…..turn it into phenomenal.

feedback 3



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