Women I love – Serena Williams

Serena Williams Is Queen of Tennis, Everything on New York Cover

Serena Williams RULES!  I love her, and how utterly dominate she is in women`s tennis. There is a massive chasm between her level of tennis and that of anyone else. How?? is it possible that she can be at the top of her game for SO LONG??  She is 33 years old.  Astounding.

The best sports story ever written about the Williams sister can be found here by NYT journalist John Jeremiah Sullivan

Some stats on how amazing Serena is:

68 single titles

22 doubles titles

She has 21 grand slam titles!!

Here’s an amazing picture of her. Doesn’t this make you want to exercise, do yoga, stretch it out, reach for success?

Serena Williams

I love her work ethic, her drive, and her FIERCE competitiveness.  When I think about what she’s done for tennis, and the incessant hurdles she’s had to overcome –I think yup, we can all do more. We can always DO. MORE.

Here is a Netflix documentary entitled “Serena and Venus”


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