TMI……you can’t hit delete with public speaking.


Whether you’re speaking in front of an audience, during a conference call, on Skype or in a meeting, giving your audience too much information (too much unnecessary, pointless information) is a career mistake. This mistake can definitely change how people view you and your capabilities.

I know so many intelligent women who give such egregious amounts of TMI that even though I know them and know they’re smart, I secretly start believing they are idiots. I convince myself they’re incompetent simply by how unprofessional they sound.

So, stop throwing out such extraneous amounts of information.

Here is a perfect example:

Thanks for the opportunity to work on this project Prof. Maja. I was really hoping that I would get hired, well actually I applied for another job, but that was during a rough patch when my boyfriend and I were sort of broken up but not really. Sorry, I feel like I’m telling you this story, but I don’t even know how I started. Anyhow, thanks for the position. This weekend I’m going away to the cottage but I’ll definitely be back on Monday to work on the project full-steam ahead, as long as my car doesn’t conk out on me again, I just got it fixed. Wow, car stuff is so expensive….

Oh. My. Goodness.   Now I’m kicking myself for hiring this person in the 1st place.


Can you imagine if every single conversation went like this? No work would get done, a lot of time would get wasted and quite honestly, people will start to take you less seriously.

I have been in meetings and conference calls where I heard women divulge such insane amounts of NEEDLESS information that there was a collective groan or a lot of eye-rolling when these women started talking.

Just. Get. To. The. Point. That’s all anybody ever wants. Seriously.  

My undergraduate mentor always told me to get my message across in under 30 seconds, and if you can’t explain your thesis or dissertation in less than 2 minutes then you don’t really know what you’re doing. Good point. Now this is what I tell my students and my ALL IN CLUB members…….keep whittling away at your message until you get it down to something that is succinct, to the point and memorable.

People start tuning you out after 2 minutes if you haven’t captured their attention sufficiently.

Just. Get. To. The Point.



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