UpSpeak Lingo!! Speaking as if everything is a question….is it?


Upspeak is a HORRIBLE way of speaking that has enveloped women speakers especially. It’s now such a common occurrence that many women don’t even realize they’re speaking this way.

Upspeak, or uptalk is the tendency to end your statements as if they were questions.

Example: I will finish the paper by Friday?  Hi, my name is Maja? I want to talk about leadership issues?   (I don’t know and you don’t seem to know either).

I don’t really care about the history of upspeaking, where and why it started. All I care about is STOPPING IT.

Assertive confident women don’t employ upspeak.

uptalk 2

Upspeak makes you sound unsure or uncertain, like you have serious doubts yourself. It’s a pleading way of speaking, making you sound hesitant and unconvincing.

Would you want to do business with someone who always used upspeak?? It would be unnerving, because you’d never know if they’d actually finish the job, or do what they were supposed to do.

The weird way women downplay their success VIDEO:



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