Vocal Fry —anti-feminist way of speaking??

vocal fry

Vocal fry is a form of crackling or vibrating tone infamous with reality television stars.

The latest research from Duke University suggests that women who use vocal fry are perceived as less competent, less intelligent and less trustworthy. Women who use vocal fry are deemed less hireable!  

It’s usually employed as a way to appear sexy and seductive, but really it’s just super annoying to everyone else, especially your potential employer.

Naomi Wolf wrote an article in the Guardian about this issue many criticized her, claiming both men & women use vocal fry but only women are being penalized for it.

Listen, if you want to sound like a valley girl or reality star during your days off, cool. But don’t come into the office expecting to be taken seriously with a voice that like.

This isn’t a compartmentalized or dichotomized argument whereby we either expect women to be silent or to sound like men. No.  It’s about sounding confident & intelligent.

Erin Riley at the Guardian says the problem is with the listeners, not the speakers and that we need to stop telling women how to speak and just start listening to what they have to say.

She claims that If we’re not critiquing vocal fry, then we’re discussing upspeak or some other affectation in women’s voices, that we’re always criticizing or devaluing women’s voices.

Listen, I hate nasal speakers, breathy talkers, low-talkers, and close talkers. I also hate soft speakers who I’m constantly asking to “SPEAK UP!”.  I also can’t stand talkers who give TOO MUCH needless information and can’t get to the friggin’ point.

What’s wrong with encouraging women to sound more confident, assured and intelligent when they speak? We seem to have entered a realm where any criticism of women is anti-feminist, anti-woman.

Duke University Study on vocal fry…..it’s costing women jobs!

vocal-fry 2

The National on vocal fry and feminism:

NEWS TV – Vocal Fry with Faith Salie:

Quick CBC clip on what upspeak and vocal fry is:


Howard Stern speaks about the annoying trend of vocal fry:



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