Control the conversation


As women we need to take the lead during conversations, because more often than not, someone is interrupting us, ignoring our input or worse, taking our ideas. Damn, can I have my microphone back?

Take the lead. When you get interrupted, don’t back down. When you get heckled or sneered at, keep going, don’t get frazzled (think like a comedienne. What would Amy Schumer do if heckled? She sure as hell wouldn’t freeze up and run off the stage).

When your ideas get stolen, SPEAK UP. (e.g. “Ah, Craig, I just said that 5 minutes ago, I’m glad you agree with my idea.”)  – Get it?

So often, women keep quiet and stay silent so as not to offend anyone or to avoid confrontation. We’re so desperate to be liked, we’ve forgotten about the bigger picture.

Remember, it’s always about being respected, not being liked.

Liked will get you acquaintances, respect will earn you a career, your salary, your pension and a greater life.

I like Amy Schumer. I like Mindy Kaling, but DAMN I respect the hell out of these women and their fierce dedication to their craft. Hence, I will buy into whatever they’re selling. I will buy their HBO shows or books or see their movies. I’m sold.  Because the respect is there.

Always be prepared, double & triple prepared (I know, I know, men don’t prepare as much as women do….the system isn’t fair)–still, let’s be real here. Be prepared to be grilled, questioned [oh, you know you’ll be questioned, right?],  challenged, and debated. And you must respond intelligently, assertively, confidently and effectively.

Don’t get emotional. It never works in your favor to shed tears at work. Ever.

Take back control of the conversation and get your ideas heard.


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