You Can’t Save the World

You cannot save the world. You cannot fix everyone. You can’t be the solution to everyone else’s problems. If you keep trying to be the “fixer” you’ll quickly teach others how they can treat you. —Meaning that you’ll be teaching others that your time is dispensable and your needs aren’t important.

You are not responsible for the drama and chaos that is other people’s lives.

Just say no.png

You are not in charge of repairing people or rescuing them from their mistakes and mishaps. You cannot yield to their every request.

Do not fear saying “no.” Do not fear putting up your boundaries and declining to help. You must say “no” again and again, and more times than you’re comfortable with.

For without such boundaries, your time and attention will be spent on other people’s dreams instead of your own. You will surrender your days, your schedule and your goals to the needs of others, if you do not learn to start saying “no.”

You will be exhausted, resentful and stressed if you do not learn the art of saying “no.”  No, without guilt, without explanation, or justification.

just say no 5.jpg

No, I can’t help you with this.”just say no 2.jpg

“No, unfortunately, I have no time to assist you with this.”

“I really wish I could help you out right now, but I simply can’t.”

No. No. No. NO, NO, NO…….”

Brendon Burchard from “The Motivation Manifesto” says:


“There is no rule written anywhere that says we must say yes to every passing request that crosses our desks or burns in our ears from a crying whiner. 

This is not to say we cannot be loving and responsible to those who needs us and when it brings us job. However, we must not allow the world’s distractions, casual loiterers, or random opportunities to constantly rob us of our intended day.” (page 111)

The next time a crisis looms, what will you say?

just say no 3


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