Create a winners’ circle


Do you have a  Winner’s Circle?  These are WINNERS you need to spend time with. As opposed to LOSERS (psst, stop hanging out with losers!).–We all have people who drag us down, but you can do something about it!

So, stop getting financial advice from other broke-ass people with four maxed-out credit cards and student debt they’ve been paying off for 12 years. 

Stop getting relationship advice from people with 2 divorces behind them. Get yourself a damn winners’ circle.

Surround yourself with winners! These are people who know more than you, have better connections than you, make more money than you, or who are more successful than you. These are people who motivate you and inspire you to do more, create more and BE MORE. Do you see a trend here? IT’s MORE!


Every time you hang out with winners, you leave feeling like you can seriously run for mayor, start-up your own hedge fund and finish writing a book by the end of the month. Winners push you to excel in all areas of your life.

Winners will force you to be accountable. Winners really want you to succeed because they’re not threatened in the least by your success, and they don’t have a scarcity mentality. Winners believe there’s enough success and money for ALL OF US.

Another woman’s success does NOT diminish my capacity for success.

Winners will NEVER tell you to slow down, take a break, or watch the sun come up. Winners will NEVER tell you to relax. Winners will never tell you you’re working too hard, that you’re pulling in too many late nights and early mornings.

Winners will just encourage you to reach UP, do MORE, work to your fullest potential.


So, listen to the winners in your life a little more, and ignore the losers.

Now, make a list of all the LOSERS you need to spend less time with. These are people who aren’t good for your career, your self-esteem, your confidence or mindset. IT doesn’t mean you shouldn’t EVER hand out with these people, buy be mindful of how much time you’re devoting to this type of person. 

Name Reason they’re a loser

Now make a list of all the WINNERS you need to spend more time with in your life.

Name Reason they’re a WINNER

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