Welcome to ALL IN!

Do you constantly doubt yourself or your capabilities?  Do you downplay your achievements or refuse to take credit for a job well done? Do you talk yourself out of doing something just so you won’t fail? If so, then you’re at the right place.

Are you always apologizing for things, even when it’s not your faulty? Are you the type of woman who hates negotiating and will just accept the first offer? Do you dread asking your manager questions or speaking aloud during meetings? Do you think you sound like an idiot when presenting in front of others? Guess what? This blog is for you!

Are you a people pleaser, perfectionist and procrastinator? Are you more concerned with keeping the peace than fighting for what’s yours?

IF so, read on my friend, READ ON.

If you’re not ALL IN, ALL THE WAY, ALL THE TIME, then you’re nowhere.

My name is Prof. Maja and  ALL IN is a club, a website, and a movement that gives you the tools and strategies you need to turn your fears into success.

Join ALL IN by reading the blogs, watching the videos, listening to the podcasts, posting a comment, or attending my seminars and workshops.

This is an opportunity for you to gain confidence and jump-start your life!

Are you ready?


By the way, in case you’re wondering about my credentials, I have a PhD in Sociology and I’m a Professor at McMaster University in Ontario Canada. I’m a medical sociologist and my main interests are female empowerment and confidence, along with women’s health and nutrition issues.

I’m also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a vegan. And when I’m not nursing an injury I’m an avid runner and Great Dane owner.

On this website you’ll see a variety of postings on confidence, public speaking and career advice. You’ll also see posts about body positivity, and health & food research as it relates to women, –along with my general musings on going ALL IN with your career and your living up to your fullest potential.

Get in touch with me by leaving comments or send me an email at    allinwithmaja@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for your workshop today at Mohawk College! It was a pleasure to meet you! We had a brief conversation and I’m really inspired. I am looking forward to read your blogs and possibly come to the club meetings at Mac and throw some ideas your way in regards to empowering female youth.
    Thanks for the books!

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    • ALLINwithprofmaja

      Thank you Janeil! Thank you for attending and for your support. I hope that you find the books useful. It’s a process that takes time…it takes time to change our mindset, to stop listening to the shitty committee in our minds, to refocus on the positive, to hustle(!), and to keep moving forward. It was a pleasure speaking with you after my talk this week.

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