How to raise confident girls!

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Sadly, gender roles are established early on in life. So, as mothers or guardians we need to interrupt the dialogue of gender inequality that our children are exposed to on T.V., film and in books. Children see themselves in the characters they watch, so it’s important to make sure your children are being exposed to strong, intelligent, assertive, and confident characters.

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If they don’t see it, they can’t be it.

Did you know that:

  • 28% of speaking characters in family films are female
  • 39%  of speaking roles in prime-time programming are female
  • 31% of CHILDREN’s show characters are women

What?? Wait a minute. This is crazy. We’re half the population, and barely 30% of what you see or hear on screen?

Remember the actress Geena Davis from the movie Thelma and Louise? Thelma and Louise.jpgWell, she started a research institute, called “The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media” in 2004 (why did I just discover this recently??). Read More

Books I LOVE – “I can’t believe it’s not better” – By Monica Heisey

Can't believe it's not better

OK, I have to stop reading other people’s books and finish my own! BUT, I needed some comedic relief and picked up “I can’t believe it’s not better: a woman’s guide to coping with life”, by writer and comedian Monica Heisey. Originally a Torontonian, she’s now a New Yorker…so both sides of the border love her.

Holy. Crap. I laughed so hard during her chapter entitled “The Yogurt Women,”  that I just had to post this. Like, I was crying, literally crying from laughing so hard. This was way beyond LOL stuff. Read More

Ballet….danced to Hozier’s “Take me to Church”

Just to break up all the motivational postings, I wanted to share this gorgeous, stunning, emotional ballet from Ukraine artist Sergei Polunin.  Take 4 minutes of your day and watch this man dance. It will inspire you.

Sergei was juuuuuust about to give up his dream of being a dancer, and forces greater than him intervened in his life and he ended up shooting a video directed by the legendary David LaChapelle.

This YouTube video has been viewed over 10.9 MILLION times. He just appeared on Ellen.

I watched it 5 times in a row (so powerful, so raw……) then I totally got motivated to do a kick-ass weight training session.

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