The Lives of Animals & Women are Connected


This is my Great Dane Cooper. He’s 160 pounds and 22 months old. He’s chewed 2 pairs of booties (see pic below),IMG_20150105_152148 1 slipper, ate my entire winter squash dish, & ripped my winter coat (by accident, he says). He regularly steps on my toes and gives kisses all day long. He also adores and is adored by the whole family, especially my 3 year old daughter.


I love animals. And I also want to empower women to have more control over their lives. How are these two connected?

I’m interested in exploring why we eat animals and actively disengage from the reality of factory farming and slaughterhouse abuses.

Why do people eat animals? Most people eat animals because:  Read More

Why Animals Matter

farm animals 1

I do not need to watch a video of cows being beaten with fists, feet and crow bars to know that horror exists within non-animal humans. Nor do I need a PhD in animal rights to know that the ongoing abuse and cruelty of factory farm animals is morally wrong.  (See ‘Slaughterhouse’ by Eisnitz or Animal Factories by Mason and Singer). Suffering, pain and evil exists in this world, the question is how much of this are you willing to tolerate for your food?

We were recently alerted to the horrendous (but not rare) abuse at Chilliwack Cattle Sales (CCS) farm in B.C.  (see story and video here: Farm Abuse) Read More