How girls talk about their bodies

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Anthropologist Mimi Nichter wrote a book called “Fat-Talk: What Girls and Their Parents Say About Dieting.”

The research team spent 3 years interviewing hundreds of adolescent and teen girls and their parents about how they think and talk about their bodies. They interviewed white, black and Latina girls from lower-middle to middle-class backgrounds.

The research found:

  1. Teen girls spend a LOT of time talking about dieting, and a lot less time actually dieting.
  2. Fat-Talk among girls was a way of being or creating solidarity
  3. “African-American girls were much more satisfied with their bodies than white girls, for them, beauty was a matter of projecting attitude and moving with confidence & style.”

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Toddlers learn fat shaming from their moms

fat shaming

A new study published in The Journal of Experimental Child Psychology last month showed that toddlers displayed fat-shaming attitudes, learned from their mothers.

Researchers in New Zealand showed toddlers various pictures of thin and fat people, with their faces obscured. “The 11 month-old infants preferred to look at the obese people, whereas the toddler group (around 32 months) preferred to look at average-sized figures.” Read More

How to raise confident girls!

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Sadly, gender roles are established early on in life. So, as mothers or guardians we need to interrupt the dialogue of gender inequality that our children are exposed to on T.V., film and in books. Children see themselves in the characters they watch, so it’s important to make sure your children are being exposed to strong, intelligent, assertive, and confident characters.

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Damn Princess

So, this is a picture of my daughter’s playroom.  You’ll notice that the kitchen takes prominence……

 and then I bought her this.

Seriously. I complain about the absurdity of wasting your time cleaning and then I buy my 3-year-old a cute little cleaning kit. And so she sweeps the floors, wanting to “clean like Mama”……

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