Create a winners’ circle


Do you have a  Winner’s Circle?  These are WINNERS you need to spend time with. As opposed to LOSERS (psst, stop hanging out with losers!).–We all have people who drag us down, but you can do something about it!

So, stop getting financial advice from other broke-ass people with four maxed-out credit cards and student debt they’ve been paying off for 12 years.  Read More

Success does NOT happen to you


Success will not tap you on the shoulder because success does not happen to you. You create success, every damn grueling day. 

Use your fear and anxiety and doubts to motivate you. Fear is good. I respect fear. Fear will ring louder than the naysayers in my mind. Fear will force me up at 5 a.m. because I am fearful of the mediocre life.  Read More

Stop baking stuff for the office!

stop baking.png

Ladies! Could we please stop worrying about being liked and being nice, and start working on our careers, making more money and living our dreams?  And on that note, STOP BAKING STUFF FOR THE OFFICE!  –No joke, I know so many women who bake things for their office mates or boss. If you have time to bake cookies and scones and pies, then you’re not prioritizing your career. Because no one gets promoted based on their culinary skills unless you’re in the food business. Read More

Knowing your value and a little self-love

self love

You can build your confidence. You can develop your assertiveness. You can expand out of your comfort zone by taking risks. You can be courageous.

You can improve your public speaking skills. You can strengthen the tone of your voice. You can generate charisma and stage presence.

You can stop apologizing. Read More

Control the conversation


As women we need to take the lead during conversations, because more often than not, someone is interrupting us, ignoring our input or worse, taking our ideas. Damn, can I have my microphone back?

Take the lead. When you get interrupted, don’t back down. When you get heckled or sneered at, keep going, don’t get frazzled (think like a comedienne. What would Amy Schumer do if heckled? She sure as hell wouldn’t freeze up and run off the stage). Read More

Say “YES” to everything.

Saying yes

If you’re just starting out your career, changing careers or starting your own business you need to say “YES” to every single opportunity and experience. Say “YES” immediately and figure it out later.

You need to look at every encounter or experience as an opportunity to sell, self-promote and get noticed.

Saying “YES” to opportunities is different from being a people-pleaser, a doormat or victim. I’m not saying to get used by others or to constantly do your work for free. No. This is different. Read More

What are your goals?

goals 3

Forget about setting realistic or reasonable goals. Save that for those that want mediocrity. What you need is completely insane goals to push you right out of your comfort zone.

If you’re going to push past procrastination or resistance, you’ll need some extraordinary payoff to get you there. If you’re going to maintain the energy, stamina and determination to get to the top, the rewards better be phenomenal. So, reach UP. Demand more of yourself.   Read More

Stop dreaming…..start working


Were you born to be an actor? A writer? A lawyer? Professor, artist, dancer or architect?

Who knows? But the only way to find out is through action.

What action are you taking right now, today to discover your potential?

Creative people create. Athletes train. Writers write.

They all take action because they know no other way of being. Read More

What do you need to GIVE UP in order to achieve success?


Right now, figure out what you need to give up in order to take your career to the next level.

What can you do, what can you change? What modifications can you make in your schedule in order to allow you to maximize your time?

For me, it’s giving up a 6:00am start to the day.  Bye-bye 6:00am… were so good to me. Now it’s 5:00am. And losing that one hour is kinda’ brutal some times. But, it allows me to go for a run, shower and change by the time my daughter gets up at 6:30am. Read More

TIPS to STOP being a People Pleaser.

people pleaser 2

You can stop putting other people’s needs ahead of your own. You can say “no” to people and not lose their friendship. You can say no to your boss and not get fired. You can say “no” to your children or partner and not let guilt envelope you.

Follow these TIPS to stop being a people-pleaser and get your life back. Put yourself and your career FIRST.

Remember, if you’re constantly putting others ahead of you…’ll NEVER, EVER get ahead yourself. You’ll NEVER, EVER fulfil your potential. You’ll be last. You’ll be emptied out of your creativity and your energy. You will have regrets and resentment.    Read More

Are you a people pleaser?

people pleaser

People pleasers are SO nice. Aren’t they? They’re like the nicest people, ever. They never say “no,” they’ll always help you out & do you a favor. They’re be there whenever and wherever you need help.

The problem is, they never help themselves. They’re so overcommitted to everyone else and addicted to say “yes” to everyone and everything that their to-do list NEVER ends. This creates a cycle of anxiety, stress, depression (emotional eating!) and resentment. Read More

Winning Miss Congeniality will get you NOWHERE.

Entrepreneur 6

Why are SO many women obsessed with being “nice”?  Why are we acting grateful when we should be acting confident?  Because we’re PEOPLE PLEASERS!!!

Why are we so timid, passive and fearful of interrupting or offending, when we should be putting ourselves and our ideas out there for everyone to hear?

Listen Ladies, winning Miss. Congeniality will get you NOWHERE. Oh wait; actually it will make you a people pleaser, a door mat, average, ordinary, mediocre, and completely forgettable.

Is that what you want?

Entrepreneur 3

Read More


Entrepreneur 8

My 3 year old was recently told she was bossy. I thought “cool, I’m raising her well then“. Seriously. I’m not raising a doormat, I’m raising a leader. I’m not raising a follower, I’m raising a queen.

That’s what I want for women. I want them to lead. I want them to want to lead, and believe they are worthy of leadership positions.

I want our daughters, our sisters, our colleagues and ourselves to see opportunities for success and negotiation everywhere.  I want us to push beyond our comfort zones and reach for MORE, reach UP. Success must be our only option.  Read More

STOP self-correcting when speaking.

public speaking mistakes

Ever hear someone stop and start speaking over and over again?? It goes something like this:

Today I will discuss how fear leads women to make poor decisions. Well, I don’t mean to say that fear–OK, let me start again. It’s not that I’m saying all women make poor decisions. It’s just that some people because of fear, or maybe it’s not fear all the time…..Even though men make fear based decisions, I’m just speaking about women. I guess I could have included more details about men, but since this is a conference for women…..maybe that’s something we can look into for next time.

What are you talking about??  No one really knows.  whats your point Read More