The LIES we tell ourselves.

War of art 2

What excuses do you use for not achieving success? What lies do you tell yourself about why you didn’t achieve greatness?

We often attribute our failure to achieve success to external forces. It’s our lack of money, time or resources. We blame our spouses, partners, children and friends. But more often than not, failure is attributable to what Steven Pressfield in his brilliant book War of Art calls resistance.

Resistance is basically procrastination. You’re resisting what you need to do. Read More

Our responsibilities as women….yeah I’m going to add to the list.

Multiple roles

I know our “responsibilities” as women are multiple & endless (worker, financial planner, mother, parent, chef, nutritionist, appointment maker, cleaner, organizer, dog walker, family event planner, spouse, lover, friend, ‘soul mate,’ driver, stylist, allergist & family enthusiast), but I need to add one more item to this list.

We need to build a coalition of strong, empowered and confident women. And I need your help. Read More

Delaying Gratification

Short attention span

We live in a world obsessed (!!) with immediate gratification. We want it all and we want it now.

Ever have to wait a full 5 minutes for your Starbucks Frappuccino?  You’ve texted 3 people to complain about the wait during those 5 minutes, right? Or you rolled your eyes, tapped your fingernails on the counter or sighed really loudly.

People lose their minds because they have to wait for something.

Good things require insane amounts of work and effort, time and dedication. Nothing good comes immediately. Read More

Victim Mind-set

A victim mind-set occurs when you look for the easy way out….you blame others….you blame your environment, your parents…anybody and anything other than yourself. Victim mentality comes when you carry unresolved resentment, anger and discontent with you.

You always, always have a choice. You can take responsibility, accept accountability and learn from your mistakes and failures, OR you can blame everyone else for your lot in life.

I know the haters are going to come out for this post….. Read More

The Blame Game

When things don’t go your way, who do you blame? It’s actually quite rare to meet someone who says “Sorry I’m late, I honestly just left the house late,” instead they’ll say “Sorry I was late, but traffic was a mess, there was construction everywhere, and my GPS wasn’t working.”

I’ve heard every single excuse you can think of for late papers. And every single year at least 10 grandmothers spontaneously die all during exam week.

At some point, you just have to own where you are. Read More

Always over-deliver

Whatever job you’re in, whoever you’re working for, always, always OVERDELIVER. You must outwork your co-workers and colleagues in order to get noticed and stand out in the crowd. This doesn’t mean getting people coffee and photocopying stuff, that’s kiddie stuff. I’m taking about asking for more challenging assignments, working your butt off, doing a phenomenal job and singing your own praises. You must work on the big pay-off stuff, and leave the rest to the temps.

There’s absolutely NO POINT in over-delivering if you’re not letting everyone else know what an amazing job you’re doing.  Please, don’t believe that mythical idea that “the work should speak for itself….everyone will see what a great job I’m doing…”  NO THEY WON’T!! Read More

ACT NOW, not tomorrow, but now.

Do you ever get energized about starting something new, only to put it off for a few days, weeks or months? Do you procrastinate?  Forget about time management, what you need to do right now is ACT. Take action today, not tomorrow. Work towards your potential right now.

People complain all the time about not having enough money, hating the job they’re in, not being fit enough, yet they don’t do anything about it right away. Read More

Do a weekly performance review….ON YOURSELF.

Just because you were super productive on Tuesday doesn’t mean you get to take Wednesday off. OR, just because you scored a new client/deal/project in the morning, doesn’t mean the rest of the day is a write-off.

This also works the other way around: if you had a crummy morning that doesn’t entitle you to slack off; just because you got a crappy mark on your assignment or got reamed out by your boss—this doesn’t mean you get the rest of the day to sulk about it. Read More