Watch “‘Inside Amy Schumer’: I’m Sorry” at New York Magazine

Take 5 minutes and watch this brilliant sketch by Amy Schumer entitled “I’m Sorry”. Then stop apologizing. Then reach out to the women in your lives and encourage them to stop apologizing for everything all the time.

I’ve reposted some of my favorite blogs all on the same theme of apologizing/how to ask questions, etc.

There’s a short Netflix commercial that I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of first.

Watch “‘Inside Amy Schumer’: I’m Sorry” at New York Magazine.

Stop Apologizing (sorry if that sounded rude)

Stop apologizing. Seriously. Women need to stop apologizing for everything all the time.

I see this happen during conferences, seminars, workshops, graduate school, with my undergraduate students, at work, in meetings, the grocery store, my daughter’s daycare, –everywhere I go a woman is apologizing for something. I can’t remember the last time I heard a man apologize.

Where there’s a woman, there’s an apology coming up shortly. This is the truth. Read More

Stop being so humble. It will get you nowhere.

Ever compliment a woman on a recent achievement only to hear her say:

“It’s not a big deal, everyone wins these things.”

“Oh, it’s not really me, it was my team.”

“Oh, it was nothing.”

“Oh, I couldn’t have done it without help.”

“I don’t even know why I won this award/scholarship/grant; there are so many better projects/people/ideas out there.”

Men own their successes. Women downplay their achievements.   Read More

The Annoying Ways Women Ask Questions.

When a woman asks a question during class/workshops, or in meetings at work, it usually sounds like this:

“I’m sorry if you’ve already mentioned this, but…”

“This is probably going to sound stupid, but…”

“Sorry if someone has said this, but…”

“Um, ah, well, sorry, I get nervous speaking aloud…”

“Sorry my question took so long to ask.”

WHAT is going on here ladies?! Read More