Do you know how to sit in a chair?? Yeah, seriously.

woman chair 2

I noticed this problem in conferences, meetings and even my own classroom. There is a very clear and distinct difference between how men & women sat in chairs. It seems so simplistic, it’s almost comical, and like do I really need to write about ‘how to sit in chairs’?? –Well,  read on my friend, read on. And see if you’ve ever sat like this in a chair.

How you sit in a chair speaks to your confidence level. It tells other’s how seriously to take you.

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Fat Talk

What is fat talk? Fat talk is any disparaging dialogue used to describe your body or weight. These can either be negative comments (“I hate my stomach”) to positive comments (“ugh, thank goodness I lost weight so now I can fit into my skinny jeans!).

Fat talk is a contagious type of conversation that most girls/women engage in. If we’re not directly disparaging our bodies, then we listen to other women do it. We participate in conversations that focus solely on our bodies, not our minds. Read More