Do you know how to sit in a chair?? Yeah, seriously.

woman chair 2

I noticed this problem in conferences, meetings and even my own classroom. There is a very clear and distinct difference between how men & women sat in chairs. It seems so simplistic, it’s almost comical, and like do I really need to write about ‘how to sit in chairs’?? –Well,  read on my friend, read on. And see if you’ve ever sat like this in a chair.

How you sit in a chair speaks to your confidence level. It tells other’s how seriously to take you.

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How to give a proper handshake

Doesn’t shaking someone’s hand seem so basic? Like, who doesn’t know how to shake a hand properly? Ah, well, most women actually. Do you know how women typically shake hands?  It’s the dreaded limp handshake. You know the one that just sort of sits in your hand with no strength or confidence to it; it actually almost feels like an apology. Read More