Stop baking stuff for the office!

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Ladies! Could we please stop worrying about being liked and being nice, and start working on our careers, making more money and living our dreams?  And on that note, STOP BAKING STUFF FOR THE OFFICE!  –No joke, I know so many women who bake things for their office mates or boss. If you have time to bake cookies and scones and pies, then you’re not prioritizing your career. Because no one gets promoted based on their culinary skills unless you’re in the food business. Read More

Women Don’t Negotiate and it’s Killing Us.

Negotiating 2

Sadly 85% of women sign the 1st contract they’re offered. They just don’t negotiate. And when they do negotiate, they ask for 30% less than their male counterparts!  Is this the 1950s? Am I living in a Leave it to Beaver world where women still don’t know their own value? What is going on here?

I’ve been researching this stuff for years, talking about it to all of my friends, giving workshops on it. I live and breathe this stuff, so when a colleague of mine (highly intelligent, skilled and talented woman) just accepted the 1st offer without even thinking about negotiating, I was crushed. She’s now a part of that 85% statistic. Read More


Career mistakes

Do NOT accentuate your flaws or insecurities. Do not tell people all your mistakes.

Don’t draw attention to your insecurities, your flaws, fears or mistakes.

Total cliché, but it happens ALL THE TIME. It happens in my social group, it happens in my classroom, it happens with my friends and colleagues. It happens at work, at the grocery store, doctor’s office and in meetings. Everywhere.

TIPS: Read More

Breaking your commitments to others

What happens when you break your commitment to others?

Ever commit to do something for someone and then fail to do it? How did you feel? More importantly, how did they feel?

I’ve seen what happens when a child or even teenager of divorced parents is waiting for their mom or dad to pick them up, to take them out somewhere, and the parent never shows up. They break their promise. It’s devastating. Heartbreaking actually.

I’ve also personally felt like a bag of crap handing in a late assignment to my mentor in university when I SWORE I would never hand in another late paper again.  I felt like I had let him down. I felt stupid and undeserving of his support. Read More

Always over-deliver

Whatever job you’re in, whoever you’re working for, always, always OVERDELIVER. You must outwork your co-workers and colleagues in order to get noticed and stand out in the crowd. This doesn’t mean getting people coffee and photocopying stuff, that’s kiddie stuff. I’m taking about asking for more challenging assignments, working your butt off, doing a phenomenal job and singing your own praises. You must work on the big pay-off stuff, and leave the rest to the temps.

There’s absolutely NO POINT in over-delivering if you’re not letting everyone else know what an amazing job you’re doing.  Please, don’t believe that mythical idea that “the work should speak for itself….everyone will see what a great job I’m doing…”  NO THEY WON’T!! Read More

Books I love – “Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth”

“Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth” is written by Mika Brzezinski. Mika is the co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe and the author of a New York Times bestseller (her 1st book – All Things at Once).

I had seen her on TV before but didn’t know anything about her. This book is crazy good, and so surprising! A quick read, but stuffed with valuable information on being compensated for your worth in the market place. Read More

Learn how to network.

As a newly graduated PhD I went to a few networking lunches and was overwhelmed with undergraduates and M.A’s giving me their business cards just because I had graduated. At the end of the lunch I had 13 business cards and I didn’t know who any of them were.

I tossed out the business cards and went to another networking meeting.

I saw the same thing occur, except it was PhD’s throwing their cards to the post-doctoral students and newly hired Professors. I asked one Professor what he does with all the business cards and he just discreetly put a napkin over them and slid them into the wastebasket. That’s the hard truth. Read More

Social Media Mistakes.

The very 1st thing employers do when narrowing down candidates for a job interview is google them.  You can count on this. Potential employers will look through your Facebook page, your pictures, your Twitter feed, and LinkedIn.  They’ll look at your Instagram pictures and your Pinterest board. They’ll read your website or blog, and they’ll watch your videos on YouTube or Vimeo if you have them. Employers expect you to have a life outside of work, but what they don’t want to see is this….. Read More

How to negotiate your salary – Part 1

Why women don’t negotiate.

We’re nurturers, right? So, we’re not supposed to be warriors looking out for ourselves. We’re taught to be nice, play by the rules and wait our turn. Sadly, our turn never came and no one told us we didn’t need to ask permission to want more out of life. We’re people-pleasers, we don’t like to rock the boat or be seen as pushy or assertive.

Why women need to negotiate: Read More

Job Hunting – You need to follow-up!


A colleague of mine is hiring for a new sales position. He received 52 resumes. And not one person followed up with him! This is shocking to me.  I asked him what he’ll do with the resumes. He told me he’s not going to look through them at all. He responded “why would I make the effort to call them, when they haven’t made the effort to follow-up with me. It’s just basic job-hunting stuff.”

Yes, it is basic, but most people don’t put in enough effort, time and dedication to get the job they want. Read More

Don’t over explain.

When you’re asked why the project wasn’t completed, or why your paper was late, or why you deserve a raise, just answer the question with facts, not emotions. Don’t feel the need to constantly over-explain yourself. Brevity is key here.

Over-explaining distracts from your message, your confidence and it undermines your competence.

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