Pinksourcing with Kristen Bell

Why outsource North American jobs to other countries when the cheapest workforce is right here: WOMEN! Actress Kristen Bell advocates for the unfunny issue of women’s rights. (lack of equal pay, our obsession with being nice, with apologizing for EVERYTHING all the time, our reluctance to NEGOTIATE when signing a contract, our tendencies to just play by the rules, bring in baked goods for the office and hope someday, somewhere, somehow, somebody will notice all your hard work.)

Women I love – Fortune Feimster

I love that the Conan show always showcases such great comedic talent, veterans, newcomers, women (yes, women are FUNNY!).

I’ve seen this clip about 32 times. Every time I need a break from my work, I take 4 minutes and watch Fortune. I can basically recite her entire set.

Here is Fortune Feimster performing on the Conan O’Brien show February 2014.



So, I saw Trainwreck this weekend…..and guess what?   It’s SO good. I mean it’s great. When you compare it with the utter nonsense that is a typical Adam Sandler movie, I would have paid double to see Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck.

It’s witty, funny, amusing, & SO relatable.  I felt myself nodding in agreement or rather laughing hysterically and clapping my hands in unison with the packed theater.

It’s such a pleasure to watch a movie and not be kicking myself for wasting 2 hours of my life on garbage. This was insightful and such a great opportunity to support a woman, to be happy that another succesful woman is ascending the leadership ladder. She’s so talented, funny and prolific.

I love that she’s successful and hungry for more success and doesn’t feel she needs to apologize for her success.

I love Amy Schumer and you’ll love Trainwreck.


Women I love – Mindy Kaling edition

Comedian Mindy Kaling is one of my mentors, she just doesn’t know it yet!

Mindy writes, produces and directs her own show on the FOX network,  “The Mindy Project”. She’s also a New York Times best-selling author, with another book on the way (which I’ve pre-ordered!).

She’s SMART, she’s funny, and best of all she doesn’t wait for permission to do something, she’s not looking for other people’s opinions, Read More