Beware of Mediocrity – Don’t be Average.

Average 2

Being average or mediocre just doesn’t get you noticed. Being average means you’re typical, common or ordinary. Who wants to be that? Being average is “nothing special” at all.

Definition of mediocre: “not satisfactory, poor, inferior;  barely adequate; neither good nor bad; undistinguished, pedestrian, everyday, run-of-the-mill, meagre, low-quality, second-rate.”  Read More

Always say “YES”

If you come from a place of no, you’ll end up middle-of-the-pack with the rest of the people who are content to be average. If you want to excel, stand out, and be successful, you’ll always say yes to new opportunities, new experiences, and new challenges.

Typically what happens with women is they start worrying about hypothetical situations that might never happen. Women worry about whether they have the skills to do this, the time to do it, whether they have enough information, or even if they’re the right person for the job. Read More

Living in Fear is not really living.

I would rather live with failure than regret. Let me repeat that. I would rather live with knowing I tried and failed at something, then regret never having tried at all.

Regret is the worst emotion. I don’t want to look back on my life in 10 years & be furious with myself for never taking the risk, never going outside my comfort zone, & never trying something different. Read More

Building Self-Confidence

At any given time women vacillate between having total self-confidence and drowning in doubt and anxiety. When someone asks what you do for a living, do you keep your dreams to yourself so that you can’t get criticized for not achieving them?  Did someone tell you you’ll never be a lawyer/doctor/graduate student/leader/public speaker/good at math – and now you actually believe them? Read More

Finding a mentor

First rule of finding a mentor: don’t ask someone to mentor you. Ah, it’s cringe-worthy. Worse yet is that no one tells you these things.

What I’ve learned over the years of my graduate degrees and academia is that it comes down to your performance and potential.

Mentorships happen copacetically, they cannot be forced. They occur when a mentor sees the potential in someone and offers something of value to further encourage that growth. Read More

You’re not a polling station!

Do you ask your mother, sister, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, neighbor and nutritionist for their opinion on a topic before you make a final decision?  Well, you need to stop doing this. It’s weak.  It shows you’re indecisive and you lack confidence, and nobody wants a leader that’s indecisive or unsure of themselves.

Read More

Create opportunities, stop waiting for them.

Do you wait for opportunities?

Do you wait for great things to happen to you? OR do you create opportunities for yourself wherever you are?

I used to wait for opportunities. I used to think my hard work and discipline would get me noticed somehow. I used to think that just because I had the highest teaching scores or students loved me or spoke highly of me, that I would get noticed by someone, somehow.

Then I woke UP! Read More