Jealous much?



Ever find yourself jealous at someone else’s success?  Jealousy and envy aren’t necessarily evil emotions. They’re actually quite useful for confirming what’s missing in your life.

Usually you’re jealous or envious because you want something someone else has. You’re never jealous of what you don’t want, right?[i] Read More

What are your goals?

goals 3

Forget about setting realistic or reasonable goals. Save that for those that want mediocrity. What you need is completely insane goals to push you right out of your comfort zone.

If you’re going to push past procrastination or resistance, you’ll need some extraordinary payoff to get you there. If you’re going to maintain the energy, stamina and determination to get to the top, the rewards better be phenomenal. So, reach UP. Demand more of yourself.   Read More

Stop dreaming…..start working


Were you born to be an actor? A writer? A lawyer? Professor, artist, dancer or architect?

Who knows? But the only way to find out is through action.

What action are you taking right now, today to discover your potential?

Creative people create. Athletes train. Writers write.

They all take action because they know no other way of being. Read More

What do you need to GIVE UP in order to achieve success?


Right now, figure out what you need to give up in order to take your career to the next level.

What can you do, what can you change? What modifications can you make in your schedule in order to allow you to maximize your time?

For me, it’s giving up a 6:00am start to the day.  Bye-bye 6:00am… were so good to me. Now it’s 5:00am. And losing that one hour is kinda’ brutal some times. But, it allows me to go for a run, shower and change by the time my daughter gets up at 6:30am. Read More

Delaying Gratification

Short attention span

We live in a world obsessed (!!) with immediate gratification. We want it all and we want it now.

Ever have to wait a full 5 minutes for your Starbucks Frappuccino?  You’ve texted 3 people to complain about the wait during those 5 minutes, right? Or you rolled your eyes, tapped your fingernails on the counter or sighed really loudly.

People lose their minds because they have to wait for something.

Good things require insane amounts of work and effort, time and dedication. Nothing good comes immediately. Read More

Always over-deliver

Whatever job you’re in, whoever you’re working for, always, always OVERDELIVER. You must outwork your co-workers and colleagues in order to get noticed and stand out in the crowd. This doesn’t mean getting people coffee and photocopying stuff, that’s kiddie stuff. I’m taking about asking for more challenging assignments, working your butt off, doing a phenomenal job and singing your own praises. You must work on the big pay-off stuff, and leave the rest to the temps.

There’s absolutely NO POINT in over-delivering if you’re not letting everyone else know what an amazing job you’re doing.  Please, don’t believe that mythical idea that “the work should speak for itself….everyone will see what a great job I’m doing…”  NO THEY WON’T!! Read More

Unless you’re on fire, don’t call me on the phone.

Are you on fire? Are you stranded on the highway? Are you being attacked?  If not, why are you calling me on the phone??  We need to stop this people.

Stop wasting people’s time. Time is a commodity that we need to manage, we need to dominate time.  It’s not something that is endlessly expendable. The only time you should be on the phone is when you’re doing business.

Stop allowing people to waste your time. Stop accepting phone calls from people you know will take 30, 60 or 90+ minutes from you. Read More

Aim for completion, not perfection

One of the main stumbling blocks of my students has been their desire for perfection. This perfectionist quest usually leads them to procrastination, pulling all-nighters, STRESS, unbelievable amounts of anxiety, and then failure at completing the task. They never finish the project, or they hand it in late. In the real world there are no “late assignments.” There are no “7-day extensions” to help you through. Read More


Are you one of those people who say TGIF? Do you look forward to the weekend so you can forget about work?

People ask me all the time ‘what did you do this weekend?’ and my answer is always the same. I worked, because I love what I do.

If you’re talking about hump day or TGIF or watching YouTube videos at work, then you’re not in the right job. Read More

What are you feeding your mind?

What are you reading? What are you listening to? Who are you spending time with?

All of these are influences on your mindset, your thoughts, your attitudes and your energy levels.

You must be conscious and deliberate about what you’re feeding your mind.

For instance, I used to spend way too much time reading the news. Read More