Please start failing….so you can learn and start succeeding.

If you’re not failing or making mistakes than you’re not taking enough risks, you’re not stretching yourself out of your comfort zone. If you limit your goals you limit your potential.

Taking a risk always means failure is an option. When you start realizing that failure is always an option for you, you’ll start being scared of failure and look at it as just another barrier you need to overcome in order to get you closer to your ultimate dream for yourself. Read More

Why do we fear failure?

We’re so terrified of failing that we avoid it or push it away whenever possible. We resist failure by staying away from opportunities and experiences that bring us into contact with failure.

We resist in many different ways: Tending to the short-term low-pay off goals, rather than the more difficult long-term vision for our lives. It’s dealing with your emails instead of tackling your most pressing issues. Read More

When things don’t go as planned.

Ever have the best of intentions only to completely fail?  Yup, we’ve all been there. The only thing that matters after you’ve failed at something is your reaction to the failure.

Have you internalized it? Do you feel badly about yourself? Do you berate yourself, (e.g. “I’m such an idiot. I’m useless. I don’t deserve this job/this relationship/this promotion,” etc.) Read More

Living in Fear is not really living.

I would rather live with failure than regret. Let me repeat that. I would rather live with knowing I tried and failed at something, then regret never having tried at all.

Regret is the worst emotion. I don’t want to look back on my life in 10 years & be furious with myself for never taking the risk, never going outside my comfort zone, & never trying something different. Read More

How do you handle failure and criticism?

We will all fail at something at some point. How you react (emotionally & mentally) determines how successful you’ll be.

There will be haters and doubters and passive aggressive commenters. You will see eye-rolls and smirks when you fail. This will happen. BUT, failures and criticisms must not define you.

This is a core characteristic of successful people because they are completely unfazed by their failures. Read More