Hey Ladies, Stop Apologizing THE WORKBOOK coming soon…..

After 5 months of editing and a full 18 ROUNDS of complete edits, my 2nd book “Hey Ladies, Stop Apologizing, THE WORKBOOK” is one week away from being available!!!

This the companion piece to the original book. This is a guided workbook/journal to kick your ass (in a good way).

The workbook will help you:

  • Get rid of that pesky perfectionism disease!
  • Break your obsession with being nice
  • Banish your procrastination and avoidance habits
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Learn the importance of self-promotion
  • Challenge that shitty-committee in your mind (you know, that negative voice that creates doubt and fear)
  • Force you out of your damn comfort zone.

Available at Amazon, Indigo and Rock’s Mills press very shortly…….


Hey Ladies, Stop Apologizing…now on Amazon!

I’m thrilled to finally announce that my 1st book is now available on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.

“Hey Ladies, Stop Apologizing…and other career mistakes women make.” is published by Rock Mill’s Press.  Kindle versions arriving at the end of the month.

This book is meant to make you aware of your bad habits, to push you out of your comfort zone and into action, and to motivate you to reach UP, to dream bigger, and to aspire to leadership positions in all areas of your life.

This book is for all the people-pleasers, the apologizers, the perfectionists and the procrastinators. This is for all the women who downplay their achievements, who hate self-promotion and who stop trying after they’ve failed at something once.

I  wrote this for you. I wrote this for all of you.

The accompanying work-book (a journal-style book filled with exercises) will be released within the next month also!

Amazon.ca site:

Hey Ladies Stop Apologizing

Amazon.com site:

Hey Ladies Stop Apologizing

Thanks for your support everyone!!

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You need a f*ck budget

Sarah Knight 4

You can’t go around giving a f*ck about everyone and everything and other people’s dramas, pet projects, new kale smoothie recipes or what your in-laws said.

It’s called mental decluttering and Sarah Knight wrote a kick-ass book about it entitled: “the life-changing magic of NOT GIVING A F*CK: how to stop spending time you don’t have with people you don’t like doing things you don’t want to do.”

We’re overwhelmed with demands on our time and obligations, feeling anxious and  guilty as we’re being pulled in ten different directions.  We go around say “yes” to everyone else’s demands but our own.  –But there’s something we can do about it.
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You Can’t Save the World

You cannot save the world. You cannot fix everyone. You can’t be the solution to everyone else’s problems. If you keep trying to be the “fixer” you’ll quickly teach others how they can treat you. —Meaning that you’ll be teaching others that your time is dispensable and your needs aren’t important.

You are not responsible for the drama and chaos that is other people’s lives.

Just say no.png

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Books I Love – “The 10X Rule: The Only Different between Success and Failure.”

The book is called “The 10X Rule: The Only Difference between Success and Failure.” It’s written by sales trainer Grant Cardone.

Next to Sheryl Sandberg’s book, “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead,” this is new my favorite book. I LOVE THIS BOOK.  Without a doubt this book has changed my life. It has changed my mindset, it has given me the motivation and drive to do what I want to do with my life and fulfill my potential. I love this book so much I also got the audio version which I listen to nonstop in the car. Read More

Look for opportunities to speak.

Public speaking isn’t a skill that you can perfect without practice. So practice! Look for any and all opportunities to speak in public, in formal and informal settings.

Can you make a toast?  I was once asked to fill in as MC for a wedding (Master of Ceremony), with less than 24 hours’ notice. Totally scary! But I did it and when my jokes fell flat and there was total silence in a room full of 250 people….yup. I totally freaked out (on the inside). On the outside, I calmly asked the audience of my mic was turned on, because I thought that would for sure get a few chuckles—nothing. Nada. But, after 30 minutes of winging it, I found my stride and my jokes started landing and my ad libbing was awesome. Read More

Learn how to network.

As a newly graduated PhD I went to a few networking lunches and was overwhelmed with undergraduates and M.A’s giving me their business cards just because I had graduated. At the end of the lunch I had 13 business cards and I didn’t know who any of them were.

I tossed out the business cards and went to another networking meeting.

I saw the same thing occur, except it was PhD’s throwing their cards to the post-doctoral students and newly hired Professors. I asked one Professor what he does with all the business cards and he just discreetly put a napkin over them and slid them into the wastebasket. That’s the hard truth. Read More

How to negotiate your salary – Part 1

Why women don’t negotiate.

We’re nurturers, right? So, we’re not supposed to be warriors looking out for ourselves. We’re taught to be nice, play by the rules and wait our turn. Sadly, our turn never came and no one told us we didn’t need to ask permission to want more out of life. We’re people-pleasers, we don’t like to rock the boat or be seen as pushy or assertive.

Why women need to negotiate: Read More

Job Hunting – You need to follow-up!


A colleague of mine is hiring for a new sales position. He received 52 resumes. And not one person followed up with him! This is shocking to me.  I asked him what he’ll do with the resumes. He told me he’s not going to look through them at all. He responded “why would I make the effort to call them, when they haven’t made the effort to follow-up with me. It’s just basic job-hunting stuff.”

Yes, it is basic, but most people don’t put in enough effort, time and dedication to get the job they want. Read More

Make up your mind! –What you sound like when….

Here’s what a typical female response sounds like….

“I’m not sure, but I think…”

“Perhaps we could try this way…”

“Maybe the reason this didn’t work is…”

“It’s sort of like…”


“I’m not 100% sure.”

“Don’t quote me on this, but…”

“I don’t know.” Read More

Public speaking TIPS – Body Language

Your Posture. Don’t slouch. Stand tall, stand proud (sounds like an anthem or something.) Good posture projects confidence. Slouching makes you look unsure of yourself and by extension the material you’re presenting. You shouldn’t cross your ankles, cross your arms, lean forward on one arm, or hang on to the podium for dear life. Read More