Women Pay More for the Same Products Men Buy

pink tax

I’m sure you already had an inkling about this, but women pay more for the same products men purchase!  Ugh. This is known as the “woman tax” (gender-based pricing) or even annoyingly referred to as “pink tax” (because every woman loves the colour pink, right?).

Back in 1995 a California study showed that women paid $1350 MORE per year for the exact same products men bought. Sadly, these prices differences in products still exist.  Read More

Stop living paycheque to paycheque

The Canadian Payroll Association in its 6th annual survey (2014 data) found that 51% of employees would find it difficult to survive if they missed ONE paycheque. Those numbers are even worse for people aged 18-29, where 63% of people live paycheque to paycheque.

Equifax Canada released their latest report this week, and excluding mortgages, the average debt load carried by Canadians is $20, 967.00. Read More