Networking TIPS.

fear of networking

Everyone hates networking. It’s terrifying, anxiety-producing and stressful. Ahhhhhhhhh. Ok, lets break it down.

Why is networking so important? 

It’s an opportunity to show others your capabilities, your confidence & skills. It’s about positioning yourself in front of decision makers. It’s about getting comfortable with promoting yourself (oohh, self-promotion….the dirty word!). So how do you network? Here are some tips.

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Learn how to network.

As a newly graduated PhD I went to a few networking lunches and was overwhelmed with undergraduates and M.A’s giving me their business cards just because I had graduated. At the end of the lunch I had 13 business cards and I didn’t know who any of them were.

I tossed out the business cards and went to another networking meeting.

I saw the same thing occur, except it was PhD’s throwing their cards to the post-doctoral students and newly hired Professors. I asked one Professor what he does with all the business cards and he just discreetly put a napkin over them and slid them into the wastebasket. That’s the hard truth. Read More