Perfectionism is addictive & self-destructive.

Self compassion

Take this survey and rate how much self-compassion you have.  Psst…..perfectionists are usually brutally low on self-compassion.

The following survey is taken from Dr. Kristin Neff, the foremost researcher on self-compassion.  Her research has shown how closely related perfectionism is to a lack of self-compassion.

Take her short survey and find out how self-compassionate you are. Read More

The Myths of Perfectionism.

Perfectionism is not about wanting to do your best. Perfectionism isn’t about self-improvement, personal growth or progress. No, perfectionism is destructive and addictive.

Perfectionism impedes your ability to achieve success, because you’re never fully, completely and utterly invested in what you’re doing or creating when you’re a perfectionist. Perfectionism prevents you from taking a risk and going ALL IN because at the root of perfectionism is fear. Read More

It’s not about being perfect.

Why do we always feel we need to know everything before we start something? Why do we feel that we have to be perfectly trained on something before we say yes?  It’s that perfectionism syndrome and it will be the downfall of women.

Do you know that men will apply for a job posting if they have 60% of the listed criteria, but women will only apply for a job if they have 100% of the criteria!  This is insanity! This is what perfectionism will do to you. Read More