Welcome the haters!


Do you know any haters? Ever feel badly about yourself or your dreams because of the haters? Let me explain something about haters. Haters are gonna’ hate. That’s their job. Some haters will turn their hate to envy, then eventually admiration and they’ll become your biggest supporters. But many will continue to hate on you.

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When you hear the word “no”…..

When you hear the word “no,” what does it mean for you?

Typically for women, “no” means “NO. FOREVER AND ALWAYS, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!”

When a man hears “no,” this is what they think: “Oh, ok, how can I go at this another way?” Or “I wonder how many ‘no’s’ it’ll take to get a “yes,” OR,OK, let me rephrase that, let me ask it in a different way.”

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Please start failing….so you can learn and start succeeding.

If you’re not failing or making mistakes than you’re not taking enough risks, you’re not stretching yourself out of your comfort zone. If you limit your goals you limit your potential.

Taking a risk always means failure is an option. When you start realizing that failure is always an option for you, you’ll start being scared of failure and look at it as just another barrier you need to overcome in order to get you closer to your ultimate dream for yourself. Read More

Fear is holding you back.

Fear is holding you back.

Fear will destroy your life. Fear will prevent you from achieving your full potential and force you into a life of doing or being ordinary, average and mediocre.  Fear will force you to always be that person who silently wishes for a better life but never acts upon it. Years from now you’ll look back on your life and wish it was different, you’ll wish you had done more. But you allowed fear to control your decisions. Read More

Learn to LOVE Constructive Feedback

Don’t you hate it when someone asks you for your opinion and then gets irritated with you when you tell them the truth?

If you don’t want the truth, then don’t ask for my opinion.

But you know what? Most people have no idea how to handle constructive feedback. They take it as a personal attack on their character, they start shutting down, or wildly defending themselves.  Are you one of those people? Read More