Visualize success. Visualize a win.

Wherever you are in life, you must make a commitment to win, to see yourself crossing the finish line in 1st place. You must visualize success for yourself before you’re able to achieve success.

Part of this visualization process is about forgetting what you don’t have (enough time, money, support, staff, resources, experience, etc.), –and concentrate in complete tunnel vision on your strengths. Read More

The problem with positive thinking.

Ever read the book “The SECRET”? It was probably one of the biggest self-help books ever published. A HUGE success. (19 million copies sold, translated into 49 languages). The basic premise of these types of self-help books is that like attracts like.

If you think positively, you’ll attract positivity to your life.The Secret

One of the problems with these types of books and messages is the promotion of false hope. BUT the biggest issue I have with the “Secret” is that it never mentions WORK. Read More

Limit the negative and TURN up the positive

I decided not to renew my National Post subscription this year because it’s too damn negative. Every single day I read about rapes, molestation, child soldiers, & brazen mid-day robberies.  I read about wars, genocide and animal abuse. I can’t take it anymore.

The positive heartwarming stories are few and far between and the more often I read the news the more depressed I get. Read More