Books I Love – the WAR of ART

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The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles is written by Seven Pressfield. Written in 2002, I just discovered this book this year.

IF you’re a procrastinator, this book is for you. IF you’re a creative person stuck in the body of a procrastinator, read this book.

IF you’re constantly giving excuses about why you haven’t worked hard enough or achieved success, this book is for you.

war of art 5 Read More

Stop dreaming…..start working


Were you born to be an actor? A writer? A lawyer? Professor, artist, dancer or architect?

Who knows? But the only way to find out is through action.

What action are you taking right now, today to discover your potential?

Creative people create. Athletes train. Writers write.

They all take action because they know no other way of being. Read More

What do you need to GIVE UP in order to achieve success?


Right now, figure out what you need to give up in order to take your career to the next level.

What can you do, what can you change? What modifications can you make in your schedule in order to allow you to maximize your time?

For me, it’s giving up a 6:00am start to the day.  Bye-bye 6:00am… were so good to me. Now it’s 5:00am. And losing that one hour is kinda’ brutal some times. But, it allows me to go for a run, shower and change by the time my daughter gets up at 6:30am. Read More

The LIES we tell ourselves.

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What excuses do you use for not achieving success? What lies do you tell yourself about why you didn’t achieve greatness?

We often attribute our failure to achieve success to external forces. It’s our lack of money, time or resources. We blame our spouses, partners, children and friends. But more often than not, failure is attributable to what Steven Pressfield in his brilliant book War of Art calls resistance.

Resistance is basically procrastination. You’re resisting what you need to do. Read More

You must align your daily goals to your long-term vision.

Procrastination occurs for several reasons and one of the main ones is that people don’t really know what they’re working for. They haven’t written down their ultimate vision for themselves, & they haven’t articulated what living up to their fullest potential means.

You need to write down (go and get some paper, I’ll wait) and write down your vision for your life. Read More

Procrastination stops when you start evaluating your time.

You can break the procrastination cycle by following one piece of advice: EVALUATE yourself on a daily basis.

It’s easy to fall behind in your work or get sidetracked by working on less important tasks (like watching Netflix, or cleaning the house), when you really should be working on the more difficult things that have a bigger pay-off for you long-term. Read More


Every single year my students complain about procrastination as one of the top issues. And every single year I get dozens of students begging me with truly creative reasoning for extensions on their assignments.

No good paper was ever written the day an assignment was due. A+ papers aren’t written the night before during an all-nighter as you’re buzzed from Red Bull and Timbits. Believe me, I’ve read those papers. And I’ve also been that student starting a paper at 11pm when it’s due the next day. Read More

Breaking your commitments to others

What happens when you break your commitment to others?

Ever commit to do something for someone and then fail to do it? How did you feel? More importantly, how did they feel?

I’ve seen what happens when a child or even teenager of divorced parents is waiting for their mom or dad to pick them up, to take them out somewhere, and the parent never shows up. They break their promise. It’s devastating. Heartbreaking actually.

I’ve also personally felt like a bag of crap handing in a late assignment to my mentor in university when I SWORE I would never hand in another late paper again.  I felt like I had let him down. I felt stupid and undeserving of his support. Read More

Use technology or get used by it.

I get totally used by technology. I mean it’s a metaphysical cerebral assault how often I get used by technology. And I didn’t even mind.

Then I started hanging out with successful people. I learned about their schedules and I noticed that really successful people don’t watch TV. They only use Instagram to post images of their own success. They only tweet out information related to their own business/ideas/brands. Read More

Aim for completion, not perfection

One of the main stumbling blocks of my students has been their desire for perfection. This perfectionist quest usually leads them to procrastination, pulling all-nighters, STRESS, unbelievable amounts of anxiety, and then failure at completing the task. They never finish the project, or they hand it in late. In the real world there are no “late assignments.” There are no “7-day extensions” to help you through. Read More