Thank you YWCA for the award nomination


This year I was nominated for the YWCA’s 2017 Woman of Distinction Award.

YWCA Hamilton’s Women of Distinction Awards recognize outstanding women and organizations who are committed to the development of other women and to the overall improvement of the community. The Women of Distinction Awards are nationally recognized as one of the most prestigious awards for women. YWCAs across Canada join in the celebration each year, honouring the remarkable achievements of women.

I was nominated in the category of Education/Mentorship.

To see the full list of nominees (in all 9 categories) click below:

YWCA nominees

Looking forward to the March 9th gala.

Thank you YWCA!

Use technology or get used by it.

I get totally used by technology. I mean it’s a metaphysical cerebral assault how often I get used by technology. And I didn’t even mind.

Then I started hanging out with successful people. I learned about their schedules and I noticed that really successful people don’t watch TV. They only use Instagram to post images of their own success. They only tweet out information related to their own business/ideas/brands. Read More

Stop talking about PMS – no one cares.

I’ve noticed a trend over the years of women of all ages and areas of life discussing PMS. And no one seems to be telling these women the truth. So here it is: shut up with the PMS talk. No one cares, no one wants to hear it, and unless you’re literally birthing a baby in front of someone no one cares about your “cramps.”  Read More

You’re not a polling station!

Do you ask your mother, sister, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, neighbor and nutritionist for their opinion on a topic before you make a final decision?  Well, you need to stop doing this. It’s weak.  It shows you’re indecisive and you lack confidence, and nobody wants a leader that’s indecisive or unsure of themselves.

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Can you PLEASE start asking questions?

Do you NEVER ask a question for fear of standing out in a classroom or work setting? Do you think you’ll sound like an idiot for asking a question? During every single class I tell my students “please ask me anything….there are no stupid questions…..your question will benefit others…” But no one asks any questions.

And then they proceed to freak out because they don’t know what they’re doing. Read More

What are you so afraid of?

So many of us live our lives in fear of something. One of my favorite people Sheryl Sandberg asks,

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

So, what are we so afraid of?

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of not being liked
  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of looking stupid (or asking a stupid question)
  • Fear of parental disapproval
  • Fear that I won’t make any money doing this
  • Fear of mumbling or not sounding smart
  • Fear of making the wrong decision
  • Fear of making a fool of yourself
  • Fear of trying and not succeeding the first time
  • Fear that everyone is looking at you
  • Fear that everyone will make fun of you
  • Fear of your relationship ending

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Fear is holding you back.

Fear is holding you back.

Fear will destroy your life. Fear will prevent you from achieving your full potential and force you into a life of doing or being ordinary, average and mediocre.  Fear will force you to always be that person who silently wishes for a better life but never acts upon it. Years from now you’ll look back on your life and wish it was different, you’ll wish you had done more. But you allowed fear to control your decisions. Read More


You will hear “NO” at some point in your life. You will get rejected and this will not make you feel good.

But hearing “no” doesn’t mean you’re incapable of getting to a yes. It just means that for this specific moment, your product or service or idea is not ready. This doesn’t mean you can’t get ready, it doesn’t mean you’ll never succeed. ALL a rejection means is “not now” or “you’re not ready now,” or “you haven’t convinced me yet“.

That’s all. That’s it. Read More