Say “YES” to everything.

Saying yes

If you’re just starting out your career, changing careers or starting your own business you need to say “YES” to every single opportunity and experience. Say “YES” immediately and figure it out later.

You need to look at every encounter or experience as an opportunity to sell, self-promote and get noticed.

Saying “YES” to opportunities is different from being a people-pleaser, a doormat or victim. I’m not saying to get used by others or to constantly do your work for free. No. This is different. Read More

Why you need to SELL yourself and Self-Promote.

Selling 2

Selling is the art of persuasion, you’re inducing someone to buy something from you. To buy into your ideas, your product, your service, your brand and you. What’s wrong with that?  NOTHING. BUT damn, most women HATE selling. Just the idea of “selling” makes them feel uncomfortable.

Everywhere you go, you’re selling. And if you think you’re not selling, then someone is selling to you. (You’re being sold! and you don’t even realize it). Read More

Self-Promotion – Part 3


Be prepared to promote your idea, your skills or your experience anywhere and at anytime.

When you’re in line at Starbucks and someone asks what you do for a living, can you pitch them your brand or your company in 30 seconds or less?

Always be prepared to deliver a pitch to anyone in any situation.

Always back up your pitch with evidence, with facts and with stats. Read More

Learn to self-promote! – Part 2

Self-promotion 2

Self-promotion shouldn’t be a dirty little word. It shouldn’t make you cringe or develop uncontrollable anxiety.

Self-promotion is the key to success, because if people don’t know what you do, what services you provide, what skills you have or what products you sell, then you’re NOWHERE.

Get out of obscurity.  Get into the limelight. Read More

Self Promotion Basics – Part 1

Promote yourself

Women are embarrassed by self-promotion, while men do this instinctively or intuitively. You must be your own advocate, you must sell yourself, your talents, brand and experience, because NO ONE else will do this for you.

Women wait to be noticed because they assume everyone is playing by the same rules, while men demand attention by bending the rules to their advantage. Read More